10 Disaster Bollywood Movies Of 2022 & People Said “Yeh Kya Bawasir Bana Diye Ho”

The Big Budget Bollywood Disaster Movies of 2022 left producers with huge losses, making 2022 a nightmare year for B-town. On the other hand, Bollywood was truly dominated by South Indian films like KGF, RRR, Karthikeya 2, and Kantara, with their content and massive collections. 

With the biggest flops, big stars like Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Ranbir Kapoor failed massively. This year, in addition to the big stars, tier two heroes like Shahid, Tiger Shroff, and Bollywood queen Kangana failed to captivate the audience.

In 2022, Bollywood saw a lot of huge disaster films, although many of them had big budgets and big heroes and were directed by big production houses like Yash Raj Films.

On the big screen, audiences rejected these Bollywood films. Watching these torturous movies turned out to be a complete waste of time and money.

The list of the 10 Bollywood disaster films of 2022

1. Samrat Prithviraj 

Budget: 300 Cr

Collection: 90 Cr Gross

Loss: 210 Cr

Akshay Kumar plays well-known historical characters that are almost certainly destined for box office success when he is not making films about social issues. Unfortunately, this tremendous historical film based on the life of Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan did not win over audiences or critics.

One reviewer even said that it “unfolds like a straightforward sequence of Wikipedia entries” because of its stale retelling of a great warrior’s story.

The Times of India reported a week after the movie’s release that some screenings had to be cancelled because no one was there. This almost sealed the fate of the highly anticipated film featuring Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar making her Bollywood debut.

2. Jersey

Budget: 80 Cr

Collection: 27 Cr Gross

Loss: 53 Cr

Shahid attempted to remake a Telugu film to duplicate the success of his controversial 2019 drama Kabir Singh, but fans refused to see it. 

Even though Shahid’s performance as a depressed former cricketer who makes a comeback was well-received, the movie had to compete with a bunch of others with sports-related plots and comparisons to the original, which came out in 2019.

3. Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Budget: 90

Collection: 26 Cr Gross

Loss: 64 Cr

There was no reason to doubt the success of this comedy on the surface; Jayeshbhai Jordaar had everything going for it: Singh’s appeal, a strong supporting cast, and a novel idea. 

Despite receiving mostly positive reviews, Singh’s film, which tells the story of a man who will go to any heights to save his unborn second daughter despite pressure to produce a male heir, was unable to charm audiences at the theatre.

4. Attack 

Budget: 80 Cr

Collection: 22 Gross

Loss: 58 Cr

This film, about a paralyzed army officer who is given a second chance at life through a secret government AI project that transforms him into a super soldier, was created by actor and producer John Abraham. 

The thriller has been criticized for its cliched plot and gratuitous scenes of bloodshed, despite Abraham’s performance as the lead, for which he has more than demonstrated his credentials as an action hero.

5. Heropanti 2 

Budget: 75 Cr

Collection: 35 Cr Gross

Loss: 30 Cr

Tiger Shroff suffers yet another failure in a film. The audience and critics criticized Ahmed Khan’s Heropanti 2 for its unnecessary action sequences and unbearable story and screenplay. 

These films lacked anything that would keep the audience engaged, including terrible acting and a bad script. Despite having a substantial budget, the movie did not attract any audience to the ticket windows.

6. Dhaakad 

Budget: 85 Cr

Collection: 2.5 Cr Gross

Loss: 82.5 Cr

One of the year’s biggest failures, Kangana Ranaut’s portrayal of a secret agent following a human trafficking ringleader, was widely panned by critics and did not pique the audience’s interest.

This high-octane movie had stunt sequences choreographed by an international team of action directors. Still, it was pulled from many screenings within a week of its release, making it one of the actress’s lowest-grossed projects till now.

7. Shamshera 

Budget: 180 Cr

Collection: 63 Cr Gross

Loss: 117 Cr

All eyes were on this action spectacle, which had been in the works for a long time and had a staggering budget. Many people hoped it would give the box office some much-needed life. However, with few participants, Ranbir’s foray into action-hero territory appears to have failed.

Ranbir plays a warrior who, in the style of Robin Hood, leads his tribe to freedom in the film set in India in 1871 under British rule.

According to India Today’s review, “Shamshera is a mess that needs more than just star power to come to its rescue,” Bollywood Hungama criticized the film for having an “outdated script and predictable plot.”

8. Raksha Bandhan

Budget: 100 Cr

Collection: 60 Cr Gross

Loss: 40 Cr

Before the film’s release, actor Akshay Kumar referred to it as his “best film ever” in an interview with The National. The film, released on the day of the Indian festival that celebrated the bond between brothers and sisters and was named after the festival, opened to mixed reviews, with some criticizing it for its preachy and overly sentimental plot.

Kumar plays Lala, the son of a snack shop owner who promises his dying mother that he will marry off his four younger sisters before settling down. Lala’s singular life mission, including his developing romantic relationship, is thrown into disarray because his sisters have their plans for the future.

Despite Kumar’s strong performances, Raksha Bandhan failed to captivate moviegoers, who were content to celebrate the festival at home with their families.

9. Laal Singh Chaddha 

Budget: 180 Cr

Collection: 120 Cr Gross

Loss: 60 Cr

Not very far in the past, Bollywood star Aamir Khan had the standing of being the man with the Midas contact. He starred in and promoted numerous blockbusters as an actor and producer. Taare Zameen Par, Khan’s first film as director, received high praise from critics and was India’s entry for the Oscars in 2009. 

Despite all of this, he hosted Satyamev Jayate, a television show about social issues in India that was hugely successful and modelled after Oprah Winfrey. It ran for three seasons from 2012 to 2014.

Laal Singh Chaddha had a lot riding on it because Khan hadn’t been in a movie since the big-budget disaster Thugs of Hindostan in 2018—a rare blip in his career—and Bollywood was hoping for a box office hit after a disappointing first half.

However, despite Khan’s sincere efforts, the film failed to attract a large audience and received mixed reviews from critics. 

The film’s case was not helped by right-wing Hindu nationalists’ demands for a boycott. After a 2015 video in which Khan expressed his concern about violence against minorities in India was widely shared, Khan, a Muslim, became the target of trolls.

10. Thank God 

Budget: 100 Cr

Collection: 30 Cr Gross

Loss: 70 Cr

the story about an accident that happens to an egotistic real estate broker who is deeply in debt. He is told by God, who appears in front of him, that he must play a “GAME OF LIFE.” He will return to Earth if he wins, but he will go to hell if he doesn’t. 

In a lengthy appearance job, Siddarth Malhotra, Rakul Preet and Ajay Devgan can’t save this image from bombing the large film industry. They also successfully destroyed the Manike song.

Thanks to numerous OTT platforms, we never ran out of good movies and shows. Access to the highest-quality content at fingertips making this an exciting time. It is more important than ever that Bollywood stop making bad movies amid so much competition.

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