10 Historical Sex Facts That School Didn’t Taught You, But Should Have

Human history is full of learning and knowledge. If we look back at our historical background, we will learn a number of important lessons that can shape our lifestyle in a better way. These lessons could be of finance, sports, health or sex too.

Well, we also know the fact that sex has been a taboo subject to talk about in our society. Even schools don’t teach us about sex the way it should be. So we decided to pen an article to discuss about the 10 historical facts related to sex. Here we go…

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10 Historical Sex Facts

  1. 1600 BC: Egyptian women used to soak cotton in a mixture of fruit, honey, and dates as a DIY spermicide that they put in their vaginas. Those who don’t know about Spermicide then, it is a contraceptive substance that destroys sperm and decreases the chances of pregnancy.
  1. 700 BC: Before going off to war, the ancient Greeks used to give their wives bread dildos, or “olisbokollikes,” to sate them while away.
  1. 54 BC: Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra is said to have filled a papyrus box with bees for use as a vibrator. Many historians believe that this was also the world’s first vibrator.

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  1. 1200 AD: Chinese men started using a bunch of crazy things like goat eyelashes as cock rings during the Jin dynasty in the twelfth century. Eventually in the 1600s, cock rings made of ivory and jade started appearing but where it all started from, a goat eyelid..
  1. 1300s: In France, men were sometimes made to jerk off in front of a Court of Law in order to prove that they could get the thing up. A harsh impotency trial..
  1. 500-1500 AD: The sex poem were very popular in the medieval France. In fact, one of the earliest forms of erotica was fabliau, a raunchy poem performed in medieval France with titles like “The Knight who made cunts speak.

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  1. 1790s-1809: Carol Queen, PhD, resident sexologist at Good Vibrations says that Napoleon Bonaparte, the great emperor of France was said to have written to his wife Josephine, “Home in three days. Don’t wash!” 
  1. 1894: A doctor from Michigan US, John Harvey Kellogg, invented Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in an effort to curb masturbation. Kellogg believed that the more flavorful a food, the more likely you’d be to be horny. Now you know what to eat before jerking off..
  1. 1900s: These days, vibrators have become a must have gadget for women’s pleasure. But did you know vibrators were invented in order to treat women with a disease called “hysteria.” The healing effects of vibrators were called “hysterical paroxysms of relief,”  aka “orgasm”.
  1. 1950- The G spot was discovered by Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg underwent a few experiments and found that attention to this area could trigger powerful O moments in women. Dr. Gräfenberg is in fact the G spot’s namesake and was also the first to claim that this spot could cause female ejaculation. Thank you Dr. G.

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These were some of the many facts related to sex from the human history. Hope you learnt something new from this..Sayonara!!

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