10 Myths world has about Punjabis ! We are sick of it.

Punjabis are everywhere, spreading love, excessive parties, bhangra, and lots of drinking. This is exactly what everyone around thinks about a Punjabi. But this is not all, the following is a huge list of things, which Punjabis are tired of hearing. So go through it, because it’s not true everything to hear about us.

Punjabis can literally dance all day.

Yes, every Punjabi is a passionate dancer and loves to dance, but that doesn’t mean they can dance literally anywhere. There is always a proper timing and a place for sure.

One definitely loves Butter Chicken, if he/she is a Punjabi.

Are you also one of them who always treats his/her Punjabi friends with Butter Chicken every time? But please accept the fact, that not every Punjabi is crazy over Butter Chicken only. So, next time you place an order, ask them beforehand.

Punjabis are blessed with great drinking capacity.

If he is a Punjabi, he must be a drunker, and that too, with a great drinking capacity. When will the world realize that there are some of us, who actually start and end with a Mocktail only?

One Punjabi can never be a vegetarian. Right?

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Will this world ever accept a Punjabi if he/she is a pure vegetarian? Please stop asking them, No flesh? You must have eggs at least.

If they get an option, they’ll choose Lassi over water.


No! No! No! Yes, we do love lassi, but that doesn’t mean we swear by it in a way that we would choose it rather a glass of water every time.

Punjabi can get into any fight, anywhere anytime.

Okay, that’s a compliment that everyone finds Punjabi powerful and strong. But it’s not true that each one of us is ready to get into a fight right now.

They are always Joking.

Yes, one Punjabi can be comic and funny, but not every time. I feel pity, how movies have well portrayed Punjabis as comedians to everyone. Yes, there are times when they are serious too. So you better not ping them again and again then at least.

Balle Balle and Burraahh! It is a must. No sentence is complete without them!

Again thanking Bollywood and television for this growing myth. It’s difficult to make someone believe that you are a Punjabi, you don’t use, Balle Balle! Or Burraahhh! while talking, singing, dancing, walking, or even sleeping.

Thinks of food, even after eating.

Yes. We are great foodies. But just like every other human, Punjabis too feel satisfied with enough food. Thinking of food every time, and even just after eating, is a big myth. So stop, offering your meals to your Punjabi friends, when you’re full.

Angry Young Man!

Here comes the most important one. Just like every other person, Punjabis have their sense of feelings. Its really not true, if you believe Punjabis are aggressive, rude and harsh every time.

For a chance, one might be, but not everyone is.

Wait! These are not all. There is a lot more, but these are the basic ones, every Punjabi is tired of hearing. If your friend is a Punjabi, don’t ask him any of this, we are warning you in advance.

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