10 Punjabi Singers Who Are Best When It Comes To Romantic Songs

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion for couples to celebrate their love, friendship, and relationships. Every year on 14th February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to their partners. And to make your Valentine’s even more special, we are telling you about some of the best punjabi singers who have given the industry many beautiful and melodious tracks. In Punjabi industry we have some soulful singers, who take their listeners to another world with their songs and on the special occasion of love, we have listed some singers who are best in romantic songs. They  will definitely help you to express your feelings for your special one.

1: Amrinder Gill

Amrinder Gill is the chocolaty boy of the industry. He always comes up with the most romantic hits, He started his career with the song for Jalandhar Doordarshan program Kala Doria. But he came under the limelight with his hit “Paigam” Here is the list of some most romantic songs by Amrinder Gill:


Mil Ke Baithange


Dil Di Dua

Pyaar Tere Da Assar Hai

Baddlan De Kaalje

Tu Te Main

2: Prabh Gill

Punjabi Singer Prabh Gill is the best romantic singer in Pollywood. Even when we search on google “King of melody in Pollywood” you will find almost all search results in favor of him. Some of his songs will take your heart away to a different world, here are some romantic beats of him:

Pyaar Tere Da Asar

Ikk Reejh

Pheli Vaar

Mainu Mangdi


Tareyaan De Des

Love You Oye 

3:  Jassi Gill 

We don’t know why but to us, it feels so romantic to listen to his songs. Jassi Gill is the one who has a mesmerizing voice which tends us to feel in such romantic ways. When he started his career, Jassi sung many love and romantic songs which are still loved. Take a look at his songs 

Guitar Sikhda 

Pyaar Mera

Pyaar Mangdi

Tammana Meri

Naina Nu

Vich Pardesan


Jodi Teri Meri

Ik Saal

4: Ninja 

Ninja can sing romantic melodies of any language very sweetly, in his way! What a voice!… Velvet touch! He has given many hits to Punjabi Music Industry. His pronunciations along with his voice render a great treat for our ears! Especially when we talk about romantic songs, he is the one soulful singer of the Punjabi industry whose songs bloom the love in the air. For this Valentine’s Day make sure Ninja is on the top of your playlist.


Ajj Vi chaunni Aah


Hawa De Warke


Teri Bhabhi Hai

Jinne Saah

5:  Gurnam Bhullar 

If you asked us the question about who is the best Punjab Singer in Pollywood then we would suggest you none other than, Gurnam Bhullar. He is famous for his romantic tracks. From the very first song he got popularity for his melodious voice. If you are planning a romantic date night with your partner then we will recommended you Gurnam Bhullar’s playlist for the background.


Pakk Thakk

Rakhli Pyaar Nal




Jinna Tera Main Kardi

Guddiyan Patole

6:  Akhil 

If you are searching for the best romantic song then you must check out the playlist of Akhil’s songs. His songs will remind you of the old school love stories. If you think about a male romantic singer we believe no one is better than Akhil. Listening to him will make you fall in love again and again with his voice.






Rang Gora


Teri Kami

7: Garry Sandhu

One of the melodious as well as most Humble and down to earth person of the Punjabi music industry, is Garry Sandhu. He won our heart with his songs. He has given so many hits to the industry including Illegal Weapon, Yeah Baby, Banda Ban Ja. Many of his songs are also re-used in Bollywood Films. Garry’s romantic singles are perfect for the long drive night. You can’t miss out his name from the top 10 best romantic singers in the Pollywood industry 

Love You Jatta

Rab Janne

Do Gallan

Sahan To Pyariya


Dil De Kareeb

Kina Tenu

One Touch


Coming Home

8:  B-Praak

B- Praak is the one who knows how to touch the emotions gracefully, as his songs are full of emotions which touch your heart like a blow of gentle air. His romantic singles gives us goosebumps and his melodious voice and popularity have made him unique. He has become one of the best singers of the Pollywood industry. So volume up to some B-Praak hit and goes to another world with your partner.

Maana Dil

Mann Bharyaa

Rabba Ve




9: Satinder Sartaaj

Satinder Sartaj is a soulful singer, he doesn’t make music randomly. He himself has a very good taste in music. He gives us a bit of traditional 90’s feel in his modern single tracks,  Sartaj is the most versatile Punjabi Singer who represents the true color of love with his singing.




Beet Jaania’n

Sajjan Raazi

Tere Pind Wallon

Mai Te Meri Jaan


10:  Nikk 

We are in love with his voice, he is one of the youngest singer of the industry. But if we talk about his work, his each song has its own specality. His romantic songs are everyone’s favorite. Take look at that:


Badaami Rang

Teri Naar




Nakhre Tere

O Meri Jaan Aa

These were the top 10 Pollywood’s most romantic singers. And we are sure you have decided your playlist for this Valentine’s Day.

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