10 Reasons Why Mirzapur & Sacred Games Like Shows Became A Huge Hit In India

Over the years, the Indian entertainment industry has evolved and moved hugely towards OTT platforms. With the rise of shows like Mirzapur, Family Man, Sacred Games, and others, OTT platforms have gained a lot of viewers. They redefine the way of Indian content consumption. The shows’ characters and dialogues became so popular among the audience that today also, after a while from their release, audiences find them relatable.

However, the fact that it drools the minds is what makes these shows so successful in India. 

It is evident that the compelling plot and outstanding performances cannot be the only reason for these shows’ success. However, these shows have redefined the expectations of Indian viewers by serving something different from the usual dramatic content.

In this article, we’ll discover the factors that have contributed to the success of shows like Mirzapur, Family Man, Sacred Games, and others in India. 

10 Reasons Why Shows Mirzapur, Family Man, and Sacred Games Became So Successful In India

1. Content Is King

Source: India Today

While we are all familiar with the expression “content is king,” this is also applicable to web shows. The web has a clear rule: if your content is strong, nothing can stop your show from succeeding. This was also the case with Sacred Games and Mirzapur, providing viewers with original content. While many in the audience enjoyed watching something they had never seen before.

2. Subject Choice 

Source: Vogue.com

The show’s subject and script are also crucial to the content. The story of the web series also revolved around the characters Kaleen Bhaiyya, Munna Tripathi, Guddu Bhaiyya, and Babloo Bhaiyya, all of whom live in the city of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. Even though the audience could identify with these characters, the show’s relatability was entirely due to the subject matter and script. This is precisely why the show also captivates so many viewers.

3. Right Amount of Thrill

Source: Tribune

Shows like Mirzapur, Family Man, and Sacred Games are full of thrilling moments. In addition, even though readers are aware of the next action, they prefer to see it unfold in the manner desired by the character. Additionally, the thrill of each character’s arc keeps viewers engaged in the story. Well, these web series have many thrilling moments, making them more popular.

4. Realistic Approach

Source: Prime Video

A web show’s connection to reality also sets it apart. As we mentioned earlier, the web show’s connection to the audience is what makes it realistic. Every web series does not have a happy ending; most end on a cliffhanger. This tactic of not revealing all the cards makes viewers more eager for the next season. Also, most thriller web shows don’t have happy endings, and people like this realistic approach of going beyond what’s best for everyone.

5. Characters

Source: Indian Express

The character is in charge of the entire show; this is one of the most important parts of any web series. Even though the characters are often very convincing, the creators aim to find the talent to make the show successful. Saif Ali Khan in Sacred Games, Jaideep Ahlawat in Pataal Lok, Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massey in Mirzapur, and Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man have all been excellent choices for roles as main characters.

6. Dialogue Execution

Source: Economic Times

A show can benefit greatly from Dialogue Delivery because the dialogue’s impact keeps the audience engaged. Without Kaleen Bhaiyya’s powerful dialogue in Mirzapur, the character would not have occupied its present position.

7. Everyone in the story is a hero

Source: Cinestaan

It is true, yes. Because everyone in the web series has something to contribute to the story, they are all heroes. Even though the role of the lead has been abolished, each character is crucial to the story’s success. For Example, all of the main characters in Mirzapur are very important to the story.

8. Small towns, big hopes

Source: Rediff

Even though many of us come from small towns, we always have big goals. And not everyone is able to accomplish those. When we observe some characteristics of a web series going through something similar, we immediately relate with them and continue to follow their stories as they progress. Additionally, when they accomplish their goals, we are inspired to accomplish our own. Making us fervent supporters of the web show.

9. No Restrictions

Source: Indiatoday

Yes, there is no censorship on the OTT platform, which makes it a very liberating environment. And the fact that you can tell the story however you want makes it popular with the public. In a web series, creators can show whatever they want because there are no issues with censorship. Because of this, they are able to maintain their true vision in front of the audience without being interrupted. Additionally, there is no censorship, which enables the producers to exhibit nud*ty as an art form, the necessary amount of viol*nce, and a mixture of s*x, emotion, and comedy. 

10. Use of More Advanced Technology

Source: Prime Video

Web shows are also produced using better technology, both in terms of effects, editing, and viewership, considering that the OTT space is an advanced medium. Yes, the ability to deliver entertaining content to mobile devices and to do so at a reasonable cost with annual subscriptions has made the web a popular and adored medium.

It is evident that shows like Mirzapur and Sacred Games have exploded in popularity in India due to their original narratives, gripping arcs, and realistic depictions of Indian society. Further, these shows have been successful because they use regional languages, have strong performances by actors, and show complex characters. Additionally, audiences who are already familiar with these issues have found resonance in the themes of corruption, power struggles, and crime. Overall, these shows’ success has shown that Indian cinema can make compelling content that can captivate people.

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