10 Reasons why! Qismat and Sufna are every Punjabi movie lover’s favorite.

Qismat ammy virk movie

We all have been loving Punjabi cinema because of its complete entertainment. But, today when someone asks us about our favorite, we can’t even imagine any film other than Qismat or Sufna. Both films were loved by audiences like never before. Their plot, actors, music, direction, and everything else was so perfect and on point. The following are the points that define the points which no other film than Qismat & Sufna had.

Story and Direction by Jagdeep Sidhu.

Jagdeep Sidhu is providing the industry with some of the most loved and needed stories. He gave other hits like Shadaa with Diljit Dosanjh as well, but he was able to create magic on screens with his most popular, Qismat & Sufna.

Musical Magic by Jaani & B Praak.

When story is the heart, music is the soul of any film. In today’s time when every filmmaker & people from the music industry are running behind indie-pop, modern and rock music. Jaani & B Praak are still calmy presenting us with simple yet beautiful soothing and heart touching music and lyrics. Their quality of work can be easily felt in songs like Dholna & Jannat. 

Perfect & Realistic Locations.

Talking about the locations, Qismat was shot in Chandigarh and Patiala and sufna was shot in Ganganagar. The locations used in both the films were so apt from Sector 50 Flats to old houses of Ganganagar.

No pilot songs

A film is complemented with perfect songs based on the story line. Today, when most of the movies are including off track songs just for popularity, the concept of music and songs with Qismat & Sufna were completely different. Songs from both the films were connected with the feelings of characters and also the plot of the story.

Ammy virk’s mind blowing acting.

Ammy has been in this industry for a few years only. But when we see him on screens acting like a very professional and trained actor, it’s really hard to believe, he has never learned acting. His dialogues delivery and hold on the character is so strong that it connects to the audience naturally.

Strong female characters.

Qismat had Sargun Mehta playing the character of a young outspoken city girl and Sufna had Tanya with an approaching background story which made both the ladies as important and important as males in the stories.

Perfect blend of comedy & emotions. 

Both films had emotional perfection blended with fun and much-required comedy. In Qismat Ammy and Sargun nailed it with their lovely chemistry which made us laugh, and on the other hand characters of Jagjeet Sandhu and Balwinder Bullet were in the spotlight each time they appeared on screens.

Right time of release.

Both films were released at a very perfect time. Qismat in September and Sufna in Feb were released with no major clashes, which is really important to make films work at Box office.

Approaching Trailer.

A trailer is something that decides how well a film is going to work at the box office. Other than this our interest in the story develops the moment when trailers hit our hearts and minds. Here talking about Qismat & Sufna, trailers of both the films were able to grab the attention of people and help in attracting them towards theatres. 

Unpredictable Ending.

Nowadays most of the films have simple and sorted conclusions, which make the audience guess it easily. But the case with Qismat & Sufna was different. The plot and the climax of the film hooked the audience to the end, without making them lose interest for any single moment.

All these points prove why Qismat and Sufna deserve to be in our list of favorites. Also, we are very sure that you’re in extreme love with both the films, just like we are. By the way, do you know the news about the sequels of both films?

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