10 Times Kangana Ranaut Made Controversial Statements In 2021

Kangana Ranaut has made herself an image of being one of the most controversial actresses in the country. It is impossible for her to not present her views on events taking place in the country and 99.9% of the time, they are controversial. 2021 also saw many comments being made by Kangana Ranaut.

2021 began with the farmers’ protest and how could Kangana not comment on it? Not only the farmers’ protest, but Kangana Ranaut made controversial statements on various sensitive topics in 2021. She also received a permanent ban from Twitter due to that, so you can already judge it from there.

Most Controversial Statements Made By Kangana Ranaut In 2021

1. 1947 Freedom Was A Bheekh

This was not only Kangana’s most controversial statement of the year, but all in all, the most controversial statement made by anyone! A video of the actress saying that the freedom which India got in 1947, was alms (Bheekh) and the country actually got freedom in 2014, referring to BJP coming to power. She was slammed for her statement on Twitter and where not.


2. Khalistanis & Jihadis

Kangana Ranaut was awarded the fourth highest civilian award in the country, Padma Shri, in 2021. Soon after winning the award, she took it to Instagram wherein she wrote that she’s always raised her voice against ‘Khalistanis’ and ‘Jihadis’. She wrote that winning Padma Shri is a way to shut the mouth of all those people who stood against her and opposed her.


3. Comments On Mamta Banerjee

2021 also saw one of the biggest political moments when BJP lost to Trinamool Congress in West Bengal elections. Kangana Ranaut also presented her opinion on Mamta Banerjee’s win. She compared her with an ‘unleashed monster’ and criticized her for the violence that followed the elections. Twitter even went on to suspend her account permanently for these statements.


4. Reply to Rihanna

During the farmers’ protest, a tweet by global pop star Rihanna went viral. She asked the world why they were not talking about the farmers’ protest going on in India. Kangana came forward to reply to Rihanna and labelled the protesting farmers as ‘terrorists’ who are trying to divide the nation. She was subjected to a lot of public hatred following this statement.


5. Comments on Tandav

A web series released on the OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video, Tandav, created a lot of controversy in 2021. Many groups demanded a complete ban on the series. In Kangana’s tweet, slamming Tandav, she wrote “Time to take their heads off”. Her tweet was later deleted but ‘Team Saath Official’ did not let it go unnoticed and notified Twitter about the ‘justification of violence’ in her tweet. Kangana’s account was even restricted by Twitter.


6. Shots at Diljit Dosanjh 

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh’s online quarrel gained worldwide popularity during the farmers’ protest. During the spat, in one of her tweets, Kangana reacted to a Holiday post by Diljit Dosanjh. She wrote that people like him are igniting fire in the country by supporting protests like the farmers’ protest and called Diljit a ‘local krantikari’. She said that these people are enjoying vacations abroad!


7. Glorifying Sikh Genocide

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to listen to the farmers’ demands and repeal back the 3 farm laws did not go well with Kangana Ranaut, who was a huge supporter of the bills. Following the PM’s announcement of repealing back the laws, Kangana went on to Instagram and wrote that let’s not forget Indira Gandhi, the only woman prime minister who crushed ‘Khalistani terrorists’ under her feet like mosquitoes. Even a legal complaint was lodged against her for her statements.


8. Comments On Tapsee Pannu

2021 saw a heated controversy and a series of replies by Kangana Ranaut and Tapsee Pannu. When Tapsee decided to call Kangana ‘irrelevant’, the latter took it to Instagram to slam the artist, calling her a ‘B grade actress’. She even called her someone who used to take pride in being called ‘poor producers’ Kangana’. She even called Tapsee out for using her name to promote her own film.


9. Rename India as ‘Bharat’

Kangana Ranaut once even expressed her opinion on renaming a whole country! The actress was of the opinion that ‘India’ was actually a slave name given to the country by the Britishers and that ‘Bharat’ carried a whole meaning to itself. So, she demanded a name change of the country.


10. Calling farmers as ‘Anti Socials’

After all the controversial statements that Kangana made regarding the farmers, she visited Punjab. Her visit, however, was not really a memorable one. She was stopped by a group of protesting farmers. Kangana took it to her social media to label them as ‘anti socials’ and wrote, “Shame On These People”. The crowd later let her go.


It seems like Kangana Ranaut had a very controversial 2021. Be it celebrities, the government, people, communities or politicians, she has had a history with everyone. 2021 was a year of legal cases and bans against her. Even after actions against her, she is reluctant to make such statements and rule the headlines forever!

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