12 Bande Song By Varinder Brar Removed From Youtube Due To Copyright Claim

12 Bande Song By Varinder Brar Removed From Youtube Due To Copyright Claim

The superhit Punjabi song ‘12 Bande’ has now been removed from Youtube. It had garnered millions of views on Youtube and was loved by the fans, but out of nowhere, someone named ‘Ramprakash Bindra’ filed a copyright claim against the song, ultimately resulting in the removal of the song.

The song’s music was sampled and inspired from Shae OT’s Super Smash Bros Brawl Drill Remix, which was a huge reason behind its massive success. Interestingly, Varinder Brar’s song also gave the due credit to the original producer of the music, in the description of the music video. However, the music being a sample from Shae OT’s remix led to a controversy between NseeB and Varinder.

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Nseeb had uploaded a story taking a dig at Varinder and indirectly accusing him of copying music. Varinder had also replied to the statement and both the artists were involved in a social quarrel. It was being speculated by public that the sudden removal of Varinder’s song is a result of copyright filed by Nseeb, but as we know, the claim hasn’t been filed by Nseeb but by a completely unknown man.

There is no information regarding the whereabouts of Ramprakash Bindra. All we know is that he’s the reason behind 12 Bande’s removal. The reason behind the removal also remains unclear. We hope that Varinder or the 12 Bande team will soon come up with an update regarding it.

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