12 Songs In 12 Months: Pxnnu, Italy-Born Punjabi Singer, To Make 2023 Special

We’ve all complained about the lack of songs coming out from the Punjabi artists in recent times. Well, an Italy-born Punjabi Singer has taken the responsibility to sway off these blames.

Pxnnu, an Italy born Punjab Singer is all set to make 2023 historic in terms of Music. The singer has announced to release 12 songs in the coming 12 months. This means that there will be a song released in every month of 2023.

As you get addicted to one song, the singer will be ready with another one loaded to his arsenal. The music and the vocals will both be given by Pxnnu himself. The announcement has been made by the singer through a short teaser.

2023 will surely be a big year in terms of Music for Punjab. We expect great things to happen, things we have never seen before. This is the first step towards making the year great. The young singer is looking forward to make his mark in the industry with a bang!

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