14 Dark Secrets Of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss TV Show

Bigg Boss is one of India’s most adored, popular, and trolled reality shows. Salman Khan hosts it, and the contestants must spend a few days in the house, complete routine chores, and argue and scream like weirdos.

The show, of course, involves a great deal of scripting. However, some extremely stringent rules must be followed. Let’s investigate a few of those:

14 Dark Secrets of the Lavish Bigg Boss House

1. Alcohol isn’t outlawed totally

Despite a smoking area, there is no designated drinking area. However, those contestants who want to drink or have trouble staying away from alcohol are served alcohol. It is typically served in a juice container.

2. The contestants are paid

Two types of payments are made to the contestants: direct and indirect. After the shooting season, they are compensated either weekly or in one lump sum. Rashmi Desai received 15 lakhs INR per week, while Rimi Sen received two crores INR at the show’s end.

3. Staff to handle housekeeping

Even though the participants frequently fuss about cleaning the house, it is emphasized. It doesn’t exist. Staff cleans the house, and participants are not permitted to interact with the cleaning staff because they are not permitted to interact with anyone outside the house.

4. Sony TV launched the show 

Arshad Warsi served as host when the show debuted in 2006. The show first aired on Sony TV, which later sold it to Colors TV, and, as they say, the rest is history.

5. Quit is equal to a hefty fine 

It is common practice to sign a contract before moving in. This is a well-known fact. Nevertheless, are we aware of the contract’s terms? A significant fine will be imposed on candidates who exit the show in the middle. The entire penalty is Rs. 2 crores!

6. Getting Intimate within the home

Bigg Boss is a show suitable for families. Because the show’s code of conduct forbids it, any candidate’s intimation is concealed or edited out. It is said that contestants go to the bathroom to get intimate because there are no cameras.

7. The lavish Bigg Boss house is more of a jungle

Big boss’ studio is just a house near Lonavala hill station. Consequently, it is not uncommon for inside insects to appear and entertain the participants while they are present. Using traps inside the Big Boss homes is an option. However, some people have also been able to repel scorpions and snakes.

8. Mirror Cameras

Additionally, there are cameras in the mirrors.

Have you ever considered how you can see everything that is presented to you? This is because cameras are built into the mirrors themselves. That’s why there are so many mirrors scattered about. The only goal is to get the best photos possible.

9. Contestants go through a strict checking

Before they are allowed to enter the house, their bags are checked. Because they are not allowed to bring a watch, they frequently forget the time, requiring them to eat lunch at odd hours. Mobile phones, food, and other items are also prohibited.

10. No social media

They are not permitted to manage their social media accounts, which is pretty well known. The contestants are not permitted to handle it themselves. Still, they occasionally hand it over to outside sources, who handle it for them because they cannot bring their mobile phones into the house.

11. Paranormal activities are seen in the house

Members of the crew and guests have frequently mentioned unanticipated paranormal activity in the house. For example, they reported meeting a strange woman in the corner. Some people claimed it was nothing more than hallucinations, while others claimed it was something sinister and supernatural.

12. Holy Books are not allowed

It is forbidden to bring holy books as they primarily target religion or sentiments. Instead, not even standard books are permitted. If contestants wanted to read a holy book, they could ask the big boss, who would deliver it to them while they were already inside the house.

13. No brand of clothes can be promoted

The show does not permit the promotion of brands. Because of this, contestants are not permitted to wear branded items that are excessively gaudy or show the brand name or tag.

14. No discussion before the show

People aren’t allowed to talk about joining the house, which is why they are so unsure about it. The contestants must remain quiet throughout the show to keep the audience hyped.

After looking at these 14 secrets, we learned that it is not easy to be inside a house. However, the show’s makers have left no stone unturned in providing entertainment. For more such content, keep following Kiddaan.

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