Here Are Some Of The Most Glorious Pictures From Parmish Verma And Geet’s Wedding You Cannot Miss By Any Chance!

The heartthrob of the girls, Parmish Verma, is no longer a bachelor as he recently got married with the love of his life, Geet Grewal, a Canada-based politician. This was one of the most talked-about weddings in the industry because of some obvious reasons. Parmish Verma, who tagged himself as ‘Taur Naal Shada‘, finally got hitched and resigned from the Shada Union which made it crystal clear of a cause for the people to get surprised. 

Many of his friends from the industry also appeared at his big day celebration which included Sharry Maan, Akhil, G Sidhu, J Statik and more. It was a celebration to remember which ran for a few days. We were glanced at by the pictures and moments shared by the artist on his social media which made us even more thrilled to have a look upon the ceremonies that happened. 

We know you have been waiting for the pictures to look at and that is why we have got a thread of picture glimpses for you to peek into the lavish wedding of Parmish Verma and Geet Grewal. Girls surely won’t be very jovial to have a view of the moments but you can obviously look for some fashion tips from the outfits of the bride as both the bride and groom were shining out bright in their respective attires on the celebration days. 

Take a glance at the pictures right here:

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