14 Phere: The Amazing Starcast Make This Love Story A Great One Time Watch

14 Phere: The Amazing Starcast Make This Love Story A Great One Time Watch

Star Cast: Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda, Vinay Pathak, Jameel Khan, Yamini Das, Gauhar Khan
Director: Devanshu Singh
Available on: Zee5
Rating: 2.5/5

The film begins with every normal love story, where a boy meets a girl, falls deeply in love and then moves in together. But this is not it, the characters and story will pleasantly amaze you. Sanjay Lal Singh, played by Vikrant, is a Rajput from Bihar who on his first day of college tries to flirt with his senior friend Aditi Karwasra aka Kriti, a Jat from Jaipur. Vikrant and Kriti leave behind stereotypical hero-heroine vibes, which is as fresh as their pairing. But, after a little hard yet cute ragging session, the two end up together. They know their families will be against this inter-caste relationship so they keep it a secret and Sanjay continues to meet girls selected by his parents. One thing directs to another and he ends up lying about Aditi being a Rajput to get his father to agree.

They get Aditi’s family to agree too, as things went crazy with the help of a hilarious twist and Sanjay’s theatre friends Gauahar and Jameel. While Kriti is replenishing as a badass girlfriend, Vikrant wins our hearts once again with his killer expressions. Their dialogue delivery is spot on and they really look like a couple due to their smooth-butter chemistry. Nevertheless, we do wish Kriti’s emotional arrangements were as convincing as her other scenes. Gauahar, on the other hand, is a show-stealer! She will astonish you with her acting skills and you will definitely wonder why she was away from films for so long. Her character Zubina, who calls herself ‘Dilli ki Meryl Streep’, is an absolute joy and is infallible to become your favorite. Her on-screen fake husband Jameel also leaves you wanting more with his quirky expressions and one-liners.

At last, 14 Phere is confusing but also uncertain and extremely amusing. The story-line is simple yet it has elements which make it fun and unique. We all knew that in the end the couple will get married obviously, look at the title but the way their families finally accept the situation is so out of the box. 

The film will instantly light up a dull day. As it’s a one time watch film, we assure you that you will keep your beady eye on the screen till the very end.

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