14 very interesting facts about Paatal Lok you must know!

Paatal Lok is a crime thriller web series that was released on Amazon Prime a few weeks before. There is a huge buzz in the town about Paatal Lok and almost every third person is talking about it. It stars Jaideep Ahlawat as the lead who plays the character of a Policeman. Where this web series is trending on social media & entertainment news and also a priority for every drama lover, then we thought it would be a great idea to share some hidden facts about this with you. So, no matter if you have watched Paatal Lok already or still planning, this article is going to spice up your experience a bit more.

Paatal Lok web series Review

About the Directors:

This series is directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy. Where Avinash is more into the realistic and conventional ways of shooting and Prosit is expert in stylized.

Avinash other than being the director only is also the Director of Photography in Paatal Lok.

Mairembam Ronaldo Singh as Mary Lyngdoh:

You’ll have to agree if we say Paatal Lok is one of the series with very perfect casting. Every artist in the series has played his character so aptly. But what the casting team found most difficult was the casting for the role of Mary Lyngdoh. You might get surprised to know that the casting team actually traveled to Manipur, where they found Mairembam Ronaldo Singh.

She is a transgender trainee hairdresser in real life who has not traveled outside Manipur ever in her life. 

News Room: 

The very popular News Room sequence in the series includes many shots that were handheld. And, astonishing is the fact that the newsroom setup was constructed in only 5 days in Film City.

The newsroom was made of glass and was so clear that the director Avinash Arun himself bumped into it twice.

Also, Neeraj Kabi who played the character of a high-profile journalist and anchor Sanjeev Mehra said, he has not tried to imitate any journalist.

Talented Child Artists:

The kids who played the childhood characters of Kaaliya, Cheeni, Dhaka, and Gudiya were not actually professionals. In fact, they had no acting experience before. And that’s why a special workshop was arranged for these kids by Shashi Bhusan. And by the end of this, the kids were ready to face the cameras.

Also, Avinash Arun, director and DOP of the series calmly managed to work with these kids. Because he had the experience of working with kids already.

Key to silence on the sets:

It is pretty obvious that if somewhere a number of people are there, the chance of noise increases. Something just like this happened on the sets on Paatal Lok too. Where if in case the noise was too much, Jaideep Ahlawat used to take the microphone and say ‘silence’. He also pranked the people on set sometimes by commanding a sudden ‘Action’ on the mic to confuse them.

The season game:

Its no update about the second season of Paatal Lok, about many seasons Paatal Lok team enjoyed working for this project.

You may have experienced it too, that when it’s too hot we wish it was cold, and when it’s too cold we wish for a little more warmth. But, unlike us the team of Paatal Lok was fortunate enough, to experience it in real.  During the shoot in Delhi, it was winter, in Chitrakoot, it was hot and raining in Mumbai. 

Also, during the chase of 4 suspects on the bridge, the sequence was shot in two days in 45 degrees of temperature, due to which most of the crew members present there fell sick.

During the shoot in rain, there were times when rain stopped in between. And later to compensate for it, rain machines were used. 

All about Locations:

This 9 episodic web series is actually shot in 110 cities of the country. Isn’t that really surprising and appealing at the same time?

There is a Jamuna Paar Police Station in the show, which is the replication of an original Police Station in Delhi. 

The car chase scene in episode 1 was actually shot in parts. This was because no bridge was available in Delhi or Mumbai for being entirely closed for two days so that the shooting of the sequence could take place. Hence, the road scenes were shot in Delhi & the bridge portion was shot in Ahmedabad.

The CBI office scene was shot in Mumbai’s Thakur College.

Jaideep Ahlawat gained 25 kilos:

The lead of Paatal Lok, Jaideep Ahlawat had to put on 25 kilos of weight for the character of Hathi Ram Chaudhary. And more difficult was to maintain that weight throughout the complete shooting. For this, he took very special care of his diet with the special help of Ghee.

The one-take scene: 

The very complex and dangerous accident scene in the finale was shot done in a single take. During its shoot, there was pin-drop silence on the sets and everyone was worried and nervous until the stuntman Amjad waved his hand in a victory sign. 

When the cost of a perfect scene was painful blisters:

We all know what feels like having blisters on foot. This was what Jaideep Ahlawat suffered during the shoot. He ran barefoot in the chase scene. Due to which he had blisters on his feet the very next day.

Stunts without a stunt man:

Jaideep himself completed all the action scenes and stunts of his character without choosing to get it done by a stunt man or body double during the Chitrakoot Fair.

Paatal Lok or Jamuna Paar:

How interesting or apt you find the title Paatal Lok for this web series? Before this, it was planned to name it Jamuna Paar. Do you think it would have actually affected the result anyway?

Replica of Jungle farmhouse in Mumbai studio:

The production designer Mukund Gupta had to build a perfect replica of the farmhouse in the studio of Mumbai. This was because earlier the shoot was to be done in Chitrakoot only, but due to the ongoing elections and the threat of dacoits, it could not be possible. 

The Punjab Scenes:

The Punjab sequences in the story are actually shot in Haryana. Even the Chaaku’s action scene was to be shot in Punjab, but the plans were altered and the shooting was done in Mumbai. This happened due to the extremely cold weather in Punjab. 

We really hope you enjoyed reading these off-screen and very interesting facts about Paatal Lok. If you’ve recently watched Paatal Lok then knowing these facts would have definitely complimented your experience and enhanced your knowledge about it. And if you are planning you watch it soon, then also, we assure you now you are going to enjoy it as nobody else did. 

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