15 Best Punjabi Movies That Represent Rich Punjabi Culture

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Punjab possesses a tradition that is unmatchable in the whole world. It is so rich in culture that if culture was money, Punjab would make Elon Musk look poor. Punjab has been modernized and traditional Punjab is slowly vanishing now. But by no means is Punjab less beautiful now. With time, everything needs to evolve, so does Punjab. But we are so lucky to be blessed with a regional cinema that does not let our youth forget why Punjab is the most beautiful place on the earth. Time to time it keeps making movies that remind Punjabis of their true tradition and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at such Punjabi films that keep the Punjabi tradition alive.

Top 15 Best Punjabi Movies That Exhibit Rich Punjabi Culture

1. Angrej 

Angrej movie

Angrej is arguably one of the best Punjabi movies ever made. With the decorated starcast of Amrinder Gill, Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta and Aditi Sharma, Amberdeep Singh’s writing gave punjabi cinema a gem. The movie is set in the pre-partitioned Punjab and depicts Punjabi tradition beautifully. The village, the costumes, traditional folk songs, it is a true depiction of Punjab.

2. Bambukat

Bambukat movie

Set in the Punjab of 1960s, Bambukat presents its viewers with rich punjabi culture. It chronicles the story of a man whose dignity’s been hurt because he can’t afford a Bambukat (motorcycle) for his wife. The movie is a true depiction of what a man can do when he has nothing to lose. All this drama set in the beautiful 1960s Punjab makes the movie even more realistic.

3. Sufna

Sufna Movie Poster

Sufna is probably one of the few movies that has made almost everyone cry. Apart from the beautiful and heart-wrenching story, the true beauty of the movie lies in the camera work and the locations. It does not let its viewer blink, simply because there is beauty in every second that you cannot miss. Set in just a normal village, the makers of the movie do not fall short of depicting Punjabi culture in the movie.

4. Laung Laachi

laung laachi movie poster

Laung Laachi presented a beautiful love story between Amberdeep Singh and Neeru Bajwa. A married couple decides to live as strangers due to the wife’s desire to fall in love before marriage. You would have a smile on your face while watching the movie. The depiction of Punjabi culture in the movie is on spot. The village life has been depicted beautifully.

5. Rabb Da Radio

Rabb Da Radio Movie Poster

The movie is set in Punjab 1980s-1990s, the time when lovers used to see each other and get married. It chronicles the story of two families, who used to be close but, now, differences have arisen between them. All this set in the Punjab of the 1990s makes the movie even more beautiful. This Punjabi movie represents every Punjabi family house’s situation and is a perfect movie showing rich Punjabi culture.

6. Lahoriye

Lahoriye amrinder gill sargun mehta movie

An Amrinder Gill movie is bound to be beautiful. And when you bring Sargun Mehta opposite him, remember to always have a tissue box by your side while watching the movie. The film is set in the Punjab after partition of 1947 and successfully depicts the life of Punjab after it lost more than half of itself to Pakistan. The last scene of the movie is sure to make you cry, remember! Tissue box!

7. Ardaas

Ardaas 3

Who knew the Stylish Gabru of Punjabi cinema, Gippy Grewal, was a master director and would offer Punjabi cinema one of its greatest treasures. The movie deals with the story of a master, who himself is suffering but helps others to overcome their problems. The talks between the village people at the night, Lottery writing that letter for the little girl from Waheguru’s side, the movie is just outstanding. It is one of the most-watched movies representing rich Punjabi culture.

8. Sardar Mohammad

Sardar Mohammad

“Iko malik de bande aan, ki Sardar te ki Mohammad”. The line sums up the core of the movie. When Tarsem Jassar comes on the screen, he is bound to give once in a lifetime performance. And that is what he does in the movie. This time Karamjit Anmol attributes him too. Another movie depicting the scars that the 1947 partition left on the hearts of people from both the sides.

9. Shareek

Shareek jimmi shergil mahie gill movie

Punjab has had a history of conflicts between families and some movies depict the rivalry in the true sense. Shareek is the perfect movie if you want to know what a Punjabi can do for his family, dignity, land and respect.

10. Dholl Ratti

Political conditions become unfavorable and a family has to move to their in-laws’ house. But when two families stay in the same house for long, tension starts building up resulting in constant fights between the families. The movie is set in a village in Punjab and gives a glimpse of Punjabi culture. It is a must-watch Punjabi movie representing rich Punjabi culture.

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11. Muklawa


Ammy Virk never fails to amaze the audience with his natural acting. And when he is matched with Sonam Bajwa, the movie is already a blockbuster. The movie, as the title suggests, is about a tradition in Punjabi culture, called Muklawa.

12. Uda Aida

Uda Aida focuses on the importance of saving our Punjabi culture. When English has become a status symbol in modern Punjab, preserving our mother tongue, Punjabi, becomes very important. Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa’s acting makes the movie a must-watch. It is one of the best Punjabi movies representing rich Punjabi culture.

13. Love Punjab

Love Punjab Movie Poster

Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta on screen are destined to make everyone cry. The movie chronicles the story of a family, on their way to find love. A couple ready to separate, decides to stay together due to their son, who faces depression. The parents decide to take the son to Punjab, to his soil, to his roots, to his culture. 

14. Manje Bistre

manje bistre movie gippy grewal

Gippy Grewal is so talented once cannot imagine. The beautiful story of Manje Bistre is written by Gippy. The movie shows a traditional marriage of Punjabi culture with light comedy and romance in the background to keep the audience stuck to their screens.

15. Aate Di Chidi

The movie brings about the parallelism and the differences between life in Punjab and abroad. A family in Canada decides to return to India makes the elders happy to be back to their own Punjabi culture, but different generations have different views for the Punjabi lifestyle. It is also a perfect movie representing rich Punjabi culture.

It is important for the younger generation, who blindly follows the western tradition, to realize how beautiful their own Punjabi roots and culture is. Cinema is not just a movie playing on screen, it is a mode to deliver beautiful messages to the society as a whole with powerful performances. And we are lucky to have an industry that never lets its young generation to forget about their Punjabi culture.

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