15 Times Online Shopping Proved To Be Disastrous & Buyers Regretted

Everyone loves shopping, be it going to the market or shop online. But this fact is undeniable that the easiest and best way is online shopping. Just click on ‘buy’ and feed your payment details. But sometimes, luck is not on our sides. Online shopping can turn out to be as horrible as a hurricane, sometimes. Here is a collection of some of the most hilarious online shopping fails of all time.

  1. The description said that the top will fit a 7-year-old. But funnily enough, it fits perfectly a 16-year old or ‘two 7-year-olds’ simultaneously!
  1. The Rug this guy got is difficult to adjust in his living room. So, better know the size before buying.
  1. We generally get loose dresses but this guy is lucky enough that he got a dress of his size. Also if he doesn’t like it, he can also gift it to his girlfriend.
Source: Reddit
  1. This face mask is not for adults but infants. Better they should mention it already.
Source: Reddit
  1. This blanket seems to be a DIY project. 
Source: Reddit
  1. Though not the same stuff and quality but lucky enough that she got the right color.
Source: Pikabu
  1. The teddy bear is the best thing to see and gift. But this teddy seems to have gone on a crash diet. 
  1. The cat seems to be pretty displeased with the fact that this gift from its owner isn’t exactly what the cat expected.
  1. This unlucky soul ordered what appeared to be the perfect cozy Christmas sweater, only to end up getting a bizarre garment in the mail.
  1. This is hilarious. It looks like a case where they accidentally stuck the wrong-sized bottom to the rest of the sneaker.
Source: Reddit
  1. Not his nephew, but the cat is more happy with this backpack. So, it’s more like a cat sack.
  1. This couple learned the hard way not to purchase rings on the internet.
Source: Reddit
  1. This poor woman thought she was buying a regular-sized dustpan, but this came in the mail. The only possible reason this exists is that giants are real. Right?
Source: Reddit
  1. A shoe lover who was a victim of online shopping can relate this. The Yeezy he ordered vs The Yeezy he got.
Source: Reddit
  1. This 3D wolf pattern print underwear makes men look sexy and wild. But here the opposite thing has happened.
Source: Reddit

Hence, all we suggest you to always be careful and cautious. Luck might not always be on your side!

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