200 – Strong Mob Protests Outside Hindu Temple In UK’s Smethwick, Allegedly Chanting “Allahu Akbar”

In Smethwick, West Midlands, England, some 200 people, ostensibly from a specific community, assembled in front of a Hindu temple to hold a planned protest. Furthermore, a lot of social media users posted several videos of a big crowd moving toward the Durga Bhawan Hindu Center on Spon Lane. 

Moreover, in the video, many of the protesters could be heard chanting slogans similar to “Allahu Akbar”, however, they were all masked. Despite the presence of police, it was evident from the video that there weren’t quite enough of them to handle a mob of 200 protestors. The police, however, were seen asking the mob to move back.  

A social media account with the username “Apna Muslims,” according to a report by Birmingham World, requested a “peaceful protest” on Tuesday, September 20, in front of the Durga Bhawan Temple. (Source – India Today)

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Reportrdly, the incidence occurred shortly after tense altercations broke out in Leicester, in eastern England, following the Asia Cup cricket match between India and Pakistan. Additionally, there were claims of vandalism at a Hindu temple in the city, as well as the removal of a saffron flag by unknown individuals from outside the temple.

Furthermore, as per the police, the Hindu and groups clashed during past weekend, was the “severe disturbance” and “substantial aggressiveness” in the wake of the India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match that took place in Dubai in August end. 

Subsequently, the Indian High Commission in London then issued a strongly worded statement denouncing the violence against the Indian community and requesting protection for those affected. As of now, 47 people have been detained for alleged involvement in the disturbances in Leicester.

On the steps of a mosque in Leicester, leaders of the Hindu and Muslim communities gathered on Tuesday morning and released a joint statement calling for love, peace, and harmony. Additionally, they even called for an immediate end to “provocation and violence”.

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