295 Review: Sidhu Moosewala Spills Serious Facts In The Best Song Of His Life

Ever since Moosetape was announced, the audience has been waiting for that very day when 295 would drop. And the wait is finally over! 295 is officially released on Sidhu Moosewala’s official youtube channel today. Why was it the most hyped song of Sidhu’s career? Did it live upto the hype?

Sure it did! This is a completely different track from what you would expect from Sidhu Moosewala. This is not a song about guns, neither about love, Sidhu is spilling facts in this song and these are hard hitting facts of the current situation of the society.

The Kidd has again done an amazing job in the music department but this time, nothing could grab our attention except for the lyrics of the song. We all know Sidhu is an ace lyricist, but this song is daring enough even for Sidhu. 

From religion to social evils, from hate to love, from fame to controversies, from reality to delusion, from God to his self-proclaimed contractors (thekedaar) Sidhu Moosewala did not leave any stones unturned to write these bitter facts about the current situation of society. 

One cannot help but praise and praise Sidhu for this marvellous piece of writing. Few artists have enough guts to write something like this when they reach a position as that of Sidhu Moosewala. This is by far the best song by Sidhu Moosewala, not just from Moosetape, but his whole career. This might not be the traditional gangsta vibe or the romantic Sidhu song, but it’s completely unique and this makes it the best ever!

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