3 Large Historic Tunnels Found Near Sri Darbar Sahib In Amritsar

3 Large Historic Tunnels Found Near Sri Darbar Sahib In Amritsar

3 large historical tunnels have been discovered while digging and construction of a new home at the site just next to Sri Darbar Sahib (The Golden Temple). The historical structures have actually been discovered at the site of the new Jora Ghar in the Golden temple premises. The excavation process was going on at the spot by the Sewadars of the Kar Sewa Organization. 

The site is situated just outside the entrance of the Golden Temple complex. The tunnels mark a historical discovery in the history of sikh religion. They have been discovered on the earth of the most sacred place of Sikh religion. 

The excavation was in process from the past few days and as it progressed, signs of this historical structure started being discovered. Small bricks, remains of the tunnels were found in the beginning but nobody paid attention to them as the excavators thought they were just regular remains of ancient houses built around the shrine complex in older times. 

As of now, the Kar Sewadars and the SGPC have covered the historical tunnel without finding out and realising the historical value and importance of the trio tunnel structure. The photos of the beautiful structure started getting viral on social media, and it reached to the members of Sikh Sadbhawna Dal which is headed by Bhai Baldev Singh Wadala, who criticised the work of burying the valuable structure without realising its importance. 

Soon, SDM Vikas Hira reached the site and intervened in the matter as it is situated on the government’s land. On the demand of Sikh bodies, the work has been put on hold on the site and will not continue until the next decision. 

Source: Sikh Expo

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