3 Year Old Dayaal Kaur’s Mensa IQ Score Is Very Close To Albert Einstein’s Score 160

If you’re a science fan you might know that Albert Einstein’s IQ score was 160 and that is really exceptional. While various people try and test their IQ, maximum results usually show up normal. But recently a 3-year-old little girl has made it to the headlines due to her unexpected IQ Score.

We are talking about Dayaal Kaur from Birmingham, UK who has recently scored 142 in Mensa’s IQ Test. The result of her IQ test is very high and very near of Albert Einstein’s IQ score i.e. 160. 

While netizens are calling Dayaal junior Einstein, her parents are extremely proud of her. Her father had an interview with Birmingham Live and revealed and stated,

“We sat outside the room by the stairs and all we could hear was Lynn Kendall [a Mensa psychologist] laughing with Dayaal. She explained that Mensa only accepts the top 5% in the UK and she said that Dayaal was in the top 0.01%. She said that her IQ was 142 at the age of three. Apparently, Einstein’s top IQ was 160 and I’m not sure how old he was when that was measured.”

He further said that he has no particular plans for her future and is okay with whatever his daughter chooses to pursue. Even it’s just a job of serving in a cafe, he just wants his daughter to be happy. 

International Media Company LADbible also shared this news.


Dayaal Kaur has definitely shocked the internet and proved she doesn’t have ordinary intelligence. It’s not a usual thing to be included in top 0.01% of the country’s intelligence and especially when you’re just 3 years old. 

While the internet is busy thinking about what would be her IQ Score as she grows up, her father believes his daughter will end up winning a Nobel Peace Prize. 

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