5-month Old British Baby Girl ‘Turning To Stone’ Due To A Very Rare Disease

You might have heard or read mythological stories of people turning into stone. If not many, we all at least know the story of Medusa. You would be turned to stone if you looked in the eyes of the serpent-haired monster. 

The stories are very interesting and intriguing to read but do you know there’s a rare disease that can actually turn a person to stone, in real life? Don’t believe us? Read this story!

Lexi Robins is a 5-month old baby girl from the United Kingdom. Lexi was born on 31 January and at the first instance, she looked like every other baby in the world. But on noticing, her family discovered that she didn’t move her thumb and her toes were comparatively bigger in size.

She was immediately taken to the doctors and it was then, when the doctors discovered that the 5-month old baby had been diagnosed with a life-limiting disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). This is an extremely rare condition and affects only 1 in two million.

The very-rare disease, FOP, gradually turns muscles into bones. It leads to a sort of bone formation on the outside of muscles, which restricts movement of the muscles and feels like the body’s slowly turning into stone. 

The life expectancy of people diagnosed with this disease is 40 years and at the age of 20, patients can be bedridden. Minor trauma’s like just falling over can make Lexi’s condition even worse. She can neither take vaccinations, injections, dental care nor can she give birth. 

Unfortunately, as of now, this disease is incurable. The scientists are working on finding a cure for the disease through the funds of a charity but so far, there’s no cure. 

Lexi’s parents have started a fundraiser to find a cure for Lexi’s disorder. They have also started a campaign for educating and spreading awareness among other parents if their children could have the same condition.


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