5 Movies Inspired From The Life Of Charles Sobhraj – The Bikini Killer

The Nepali Supreme Court released the infamous “bikini killer” Charles Sobhraj on December 21. According to a Supreme Court spokesperson, the court granted Sobhraj’s request for release from prison on the grounds of his age. 

However, the Nepalese jail authorities have refused to free the serial killer because the Supreme Court’s decision is “vague.” 

Charles Shobraj’s dark stories have roused various books, movies and series. In the 1970s, the serial killer preyed on Western tourists travelling on the Hippie Trail in Asia. And stayed out of jail for a long time. 

Additionally, he was on Interpol’s most-wanted list. Even though he was well-known for his notorious jailbreaks and serial killings, his lack of remorse astonished everyone more. 

Who is Charles Sobhraj? 

Charles Sobhraj is a fraudster and a serial killer. Charles was born in Saigon on April 6, 1944, under French occupation, to an Indian merchant father and a Vietnamese mother. His parents were not married, so his father never really accepted him. 

He moved to France with his mother after his mother married a French lieutenant. According to various accounts, Charles never got used to his new family, and he never forgot how his father left him. He eventually began engaging in minor offences from a young age and has been incarcerated. 

To learn more about the bikini killer, check out these five movies and television shows: 


Art Malik, Rachel Ward, and Michael Woods star in the television miniseries. The Crimes and Life of Charles Sobhraj, written by Julie Clarke and Richard Neville, serves as the basis for it. It involves Sobhraj’s attempt to sway two journalists investigating his crimes. 


This feature documentary on the bikini killer, directed by Jan Wellmaan and Anil Goel, provides an insight into Charles Sobhraj’s life in Paris, where he lived as a free man for seven years with two wives and two children. 

3. THE SERPENT (2021) 

The Netflix series follows Charles Shobraj’s reign of terror, his slithery charm, and his subsequent detention. Tahar Rahim plays Charles in the eight episodes series, and Jenna Coleman plays Marie-Andree Leclerc, his accomplice. 


Before Hollywood investigated Charles Sobhraj’s evil life, Bollywood provided a record of his exploits in India with the 2015 film Primary Aur Charles. Randeep Hooda plays the title character in the film, directed by Prawaal Raman. The film is established on real-life events and tells the story from the point of view of the Indian police officer Amod Kanth, who was in charge of Sobhraj’s case. 


The “bikini killer” moniker was first given to Charles Sobhraj in a National Geographic documentary. After killing Jennie Bolliver, an American, while she was sunbathing on a beach in a bikini, The Serpent became famous. The documentary examined every aspect of Charles Sobhraj’s life and led its viewers on a horrifying trail of robberies and murders.

These were the 5 movies that are inspired from the Life of Charles Shobraj.

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