5 Must Watch Retro Movies Of Yograj Singh

There’s no doubt that cricketer-actor Yograj Singh has been one of the best actors in Indian cinema. He’s a larger-than-life superstar and yet makes each character that he plays look believable. Right from his angry-young-man days in the ’90s to the present era, Yograj has been regaling us with one top performance after another. So, here’s the list of his best old films that you must watch. 

List Of 90s Movies Of Legendary Actor Yograj Singh

Jatt Te Zameen

The film Jatt Te Zameen is all about a farmer whose name is Jitto. He is in love with Billo who he wants to marry. Billo lives with her brother, Najer, who she suspects is involved in criminal activity. And when speaking of Yograj Singh, he played the iconic role of Sucha and from this film, his dialogue Jeeta Jeeta, Jihne Mera Lahu Peeta became popular among cine-goers. The film was released in 1989 and is one of the must-watch movies of Yograj Singh.


The story of this film is based on a joint family that suffers a rift when the elder brother’s wife tells him to demand a bigger share of the ancestral property. The other relatives tries to resolve this dispute before it is too late. Batwara’ was one of the most successful social family drama films of its time. Moreover, the film was released in 1983 which Yograj marked his debut with. 

Jagga Daaku

Actor Yograj Singh plays the lead role of Jagga in the movie. Jagga, a hardworking villager, gets into trouble with the landlords for standing up for the villagers’ rights. When the landlords start harassing his family, Jagga becomes an outlaw to take revenge. It was released in 1991 and is based on the real-life dacoit named Jagga.

Badla Jatt Da

This film of Yograj Singh is considered among the greatest hits in the history of Punjabi Industry. Featuring one of the adoring jodi who plays the lead role in the film is Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill, this film was released in 1991. The antagonist role played by Yograj Singh is considered one of his best. Pregnant Gulabo Kaur is devastated when her entire family is slaughtered by Jaildhar Jung Singh and his goons, when the latter finds out that her brother-in-law, Jasbinder, had dared to woo his daughter, Bebo Kaur.

Jatt Punjab Daa

Legendary star Yograj essayed the role of Balwant. He is a young man, who has an ongoing dispute with one of his neighbors, Jang Singh (Deep Dhillon). The court gives a decision in Balwant’s favor. Jang, who is unable to digest the verdict, attacks Balwant’s family. The film was released in 1990 and is ultimately action-packed.

Hence, his aura in these films hasn’t dimmed ever. Actors, even today, look up to him and see him as an aspiration. And if you have missed any of them then you should definitely add these to your watchlist.

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