5 Reasons That Make Amrit Maan’s Babbar A Must Watch

Punjabi film industry is soon going to witness the release of an highly anticipated and awaited action movie; Babbar. Starring Amrit Maan and Yograj Singh in the leading roles, the movie has managed to mark a place in every cinema fan’s calendar. Scheduled to be released on 18 March, Babbar is not only in our watch list, but we are extremely eager to put a full stop to our long wait. 

And since we believe your condition might not be too different then us, we have prepared an amazing report on the reasons which make Babbar a must watch. So if you’re also waiting for its release, you must read this article to know what is coming your way meanwhile. 

5 Reasons That Make Babbar A Must Watch

Amazing Casting

You must be kidding if you are in doubt about the casting of Babbar. This is one aspect that’s enough for making this movie a must watch even without the other four. Amrit Maan who has already proved to be a powerhouse of talent various times is set to rule the box office with his upcoming movie. And besides Maan, this movie also stars the undisputed king of acting, Yograj Singh in the lead role. 

Power Packed Action

Babbar is going to be a blissful treat for all the action fans. If you’re someone who is all hearts for action, fight sequences, cars, bullets and fires, then Babbar is waiting for you to get your favorite popcorn and book your favorite seat in advance. We can bet that Babbar is not going to disappoint you when it comes to action.


We won’t lie, the dialogues of Babbar have already impressed us in the trailer. They are crispy, straight and super strong. Don’t believe us, just check out the best dialogues of Babbar’s Trailer and you’ll end up falling in love with them too. 

Background Score & Music

No one can argue on the fact that whatever glimpse of Babbar has been out yet, the background score and its songs have caught our attention. And especially when it’s about an action movie, the good background score is something that does the half job in impressing the audience in the cinema halls. 

Appealing Teaser & Trailer

The craving for watching Babbar on big screens entered our hearts immediately after its teaser was released. And what added to it was the moment its impressive trailer was out too. If you have not watched these, you’re missing out on a lot of entertainment and excitement. Check out the teaser and trailer of Babbar now!

We do not doubt the fact that you’re already more than convinced to book your tickets for the first day, first show of Babbar in cinemas near you. And after knowing all the reasons behind Babbar being a must watch in this article, the levels of your excitement must have been raised by now.

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