Zindagi Zindabad: 5 Reasons To Watch This Enthralling Tale Of 5 Friends

Zindagi Zindabad is all set to be released on 27 October 2023. The film is directed by Prem Singh Sidhu and produced by Sumeet Singh, Ashok Yadav, Ritik Bansal, Gaurav Mittal and Rinku Bansal. This captivating film surrounding the themes of Drama and action leaves the audience with an impactful message. 

Here are 5 reasons why you must watch Zindagi Zindabad-

Autobiography of Mintu Gurusaria

Baljinder Singh Sandhu aka Mintu Gurusaria is a former drug addict cum gangster. After leaving all these activities, he is now a successful author of 3 books and also a radio announcer in Canada, UK and USA. His story is very inspiring as he left the dark world and started a new life. 

Ensemble Cast

Zindagi Zindabad has a superhit and a talented star caste of Ninja, Mandy Takhar, Sukhdev Sukh, Yaad Grewal, Amrir Amby, Sardar Sohi, Anita Meet, Rajiv Thakur and Samuel John. Each actor has done amazing work with their characters. 

Sequel of Dakuaan Da Munda

Zindagi Zindabad is a sequel of Dakuaan Da Munda which promises to to maintain the essence of the original part while adding a dramatic twist to the sequel. The second chapter will take the audience on an emotional and exhilarating ride.

A blend of action and drama

This film is a perfect blend of action and drama. Zindagi Zindabad challenges the bond of friendship between 5 friends which adds a depth to the storyline which pushes in more suspense. Everything is inspired by the literary work of Sula. 

Impactful message 

Zindagi Zindabad leaves the audience with a thought provoking message on the drug culture which has haunted Punjab for years, and is still there. The cinematic experience showcases the societal pressure that still echoes in some areas.

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