5 Reasons Why Gippy Grewal Is Not Working With Bollywood

Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, has always been a melting pot of nationalities and talents. Punjabi artists have been particularly prominent among the many regional artists who have settled in Bollywood. Gippy Grewal is one such artist who has established himself in Punjabi films and music.

However, it is fascinating to speculate about what has kept Gippy Grewal away from Bollywood’s glitz and glam. Some people think he doesn’t need to go into Bollywood because he’s happy with his success in Punjabi films. Others contend that Gippy waits for the right opportunity to establish himself in Bollywood and is selective about the projects he takes on.

So what is the truth? Gippy Grewal recently talked about it, so let’s scroll and find out what keeps Gippy, a well-known name in Punjabi film and music industry, away from Bollywood. 

5 Reasons Why Gippy Grewal Is Not Doing Bollywood Movies

1. Pollywood’s Prominent face

Gippy says, “I love Bollywood,” when asked about his reservations. I enjoy movies. However, I believe that if I am already a well-known artist in one field, why should I struggle in another? I think that working with Bollywood’s best actors is preferable to Hindi film producers. You are approached by filmmakers for roles in films with an ensemble cast. They say, “Koi ek hero nahi hai,” or “Sab hi hero.” But once the movie is out, you realize that “koi ek hi hero tha” (the other actors’ scenes are cut).

2. No Credits are Given

Gippy also feels that the Bollywood filmmakers are reluctant to properly credit artists. Gippy gave a personal example, stating, “People here don’t give you due credit too.” In Cocktail, my song Angreji Beat (as a singer) gained popularity, but I was not given any credit for it. It is still unknown that it is a song by Gippy Grewal. Similarly, I was asked to sing The Punjaabban Song (Jug Jugg Jeeyo), which I did. However, I was not even informed that my vocals would be used. I learned about it after the trailer was released when someone told me they had heard my song in the movie. Full film promotion mein yeh gaana chala, chalo gaana use kiya. Yaar ek baar toh bol sakte the promotion ki gaana maine gaaya hai. I’m trying to say that they don’t give you credit.

3. Appreciation Matters

He says this in stark contrast to the film industry in the south. He stated he loved “Watching Pushpa: the Rise and tweeted congratulations to Allu Arjun. Similarly, on Twitter, I praised Kartik Aaryan for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. I also congratulated Vijay Deverakonda when the trailer for Liger was released. 

In contrast, I have observed that many Bollywood individuals only praise others on social media jo unke apne hai, yeh nahi ki jo wakayi achche hai. On the other hand, You can see that they aren’t particularly tolerant of other people. Bollywood bohot badi film industry hai, yar Punjab ki film industry ke mukabale. Today, unko koi farak nahi padega if I say anything favorable about Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan. But if they say good things about me, that’s a big deal. People ought to appreciate each other.”

4. Why Is He Away 

Gippy is well-known for his songs, but he has only appeared in a few movies as an actor. With the 2015 film Second Hand Husband, which starred Dharmendra, he made his debut in Bollywood. In 2017, he appeared in the film Lucknow Central starring Farhan Akhtar. “Nothing, in particular, is keeping me away,” he concludes.

5. Punjabi Industry Fees

Gippy stated, “I don’t want to participate in any Bollywood films just to be a part of Hindi films because of my experience in Punjabi cinema. Having said that, the fees offered to me in Bollywood are such that I would rather work here for nothing. “Ab Punjab mein fees hi zyada hai toh main kya karu?” he added.

Gippy Grewal’s voice has undoubtedly worked its magic in the industry, despite the fact that he has been less well-known in Bollywood. Gippy’s unique blend of Punjabi and Bollywood styles has won over audiences with songs like Angreji Beat, Khulke Dulke, and The Punjaabban Song, among others. It is evident that Gippy Grewal’s talent and versatility have the potential to take Bollywood by storm. At last, he will continue to rule our hearts for years to come.

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