5 Year Old Deccan Gill Makes People Aware About Muscle Dystrophy Via His Hockey Shots

Deccan Gill is a five-year boy who loves playing hockey and might be the best hockey trick shot artist in the world. He is a huge fan of Toronto Maple Leaf, which is a Canadian ice hockey team and Wiliam Nylander is his favorite player.

He is quite good, and can hit the target without looking at it. During the lockdown, everyone must have seen this kid performing amazing shots. If you missed it have a look at his profile:

Deccan Gill IG

There is something more about Deccan, the kid has been diagnosed with DMD (Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy) at an age of three. It is a rare and severe muscular dystrophy that primarily affects the male child and weakens his muscle to an extent that the child cannot walk on their own and needs a wheelchair.

However, by God’s grace, he is comparatively in a better state than others and managing to perform all children’s activities by this age. Hence, his father chose to use his special tricks to pull the attention of the world toward him and create awareness about muscular dystrophy.


People from across the world are appreciating him and his extraordinary skills.

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