52 Bars Video Review: Karan Aujla Sets The Bar High With This One

Karan Aujla has finally returned, as he promised. He has released the first track, along with the official video. It’s titled “52 Bars”. Ikky has produced the music of the song and he has kept up with his name.

The audience had huge expectations from Karan Aujla this time. For the past few months, everything Karan has touched, he’s turned it into pure gold. Be it On Top, WYTB, Players, White Brown Black, every single project has worked well and has made it to the international charts.

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So when Karan was having the time of his life and he announced an EP, all the audience expected was pure heat and it surely is! Karan Aujla has completely nailed this one. 52 Bars is all about Karan’s lyrics. His lyrical excellence with the use of traditional pure Punjabi words, when combined with Ikky’s on the top hip hop beats, there’s no better combination.

“Mail Tera Te Mera Arhiye, Sugar De Naal Indian Tea”, a line from Karan’s song “Game Over”. Though it was meant to be addressed towards Karan’s girl, it matches perfectly well for the Karan-Ikky duo. Both the artists are currently the undisputed masters of their art and fields.

And we cannot forget about the music video too. It is a subtle yet appealing music video. Especially the shots where Ikky goes hard on the piano with Karan doing his thing by the side are very well taken. The video is directed by Amrit Thind.

In short, 52 Bars is pure heat! Absolute banger. Karan Aujla announced his return long back in end of 2022 and he’s keeping the momentum going!

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