6 Times When CM Charanjit Channi Won Our Hearts With His Kind-Hearted Work

Charanjit Singh Channi has been making headlines since he was appointed as the new CM of Punjab. While many among us are still busy knowing more and more about him, we have researched to bring it to your notice about the six times when Channi’s statement or action won our hearts. 

We believe this will help you to know more about our new CM, Charanjit Channi. Read further to add up more to your information.

  1. When Channi stopped to give ‘shagun & blessings’ to a newly wed couple.

When CM Charanjit Singh Channi was on his visit to Bhatinda, he spotted a newly married couple and after asking he got to know that the couple got married the previous day only, he hugged the groom and gave shagun to his wife. 

Apart from this, he also tasted a sweet from a parat carried by the couple’s family. 

  1. When Channi slayed ‘Bhangra’ during an event in Kapurthala.

Charanjit Singh Channi rocked the stage with students dressed in folk attires. He slayed ‘Bhangra’ steps with the students of IK Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala. 

The video went viral, and the netizens loved Channi dancing with zeal. 

  1. When Channi quoted, ‘I am always available and accessible‘.

During the PTU function, in his speech CM Channi quoted various statements which were heart winning. And while talking about his dedication, he said, ‘My phone is always on, and I receive calls even during midnight or past midnight. I am always accessible. ‘ 

  1. When he offered government jobs to the families of deceased farmers.

CM Charanjit Singh Channi expressed his heartfelt condolences to the families of the farmers who lost their lives in the agitation against the black farm laws. And he handed the appointment letters of government jobs to the family members of the deceased. 

  1. When he released a bold statement, “I don’t need a big army to protect me“.

As already mentioned, during the PTU function, Channi released various heart winning statements, and this was one among them. He said, ‘I am one of you and I don’t need an army of 1000 security personnel to protect me from my own brethren.’

  1. Do not get involved in wheat and grain schemes. Rather educated the poor, poverty will itself be uplifted- Charanjit Channi.

3 Bold Statements By Charanjit Channi After Being Appointed The Chief Minister Of Punjab

Above mentioned were a few times when Channi impressed the people by his good deeds. And we are sure that in the coming future of his working as the CM will bring more moments for us to celebrate him as our CM. 

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