7 Bizarre Moments From Previous Bigg Boss Seasons That Stunned The Audience

Bigg Boss has been one of  the most watched reality shows of India. Every year with new contestants coming, there is a fresh twist to please the audience. This year, in Bigg Boss season 17 contestants will be playing with their Dil, Dimag and Dum. They will also play as couples and singles.

Every season there happens one or more such moments in the Bigg Boss house which are bizarre and catch the eye of the viewers. Here we have compiled a list of 7 bizarre and weird moments from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss which are worth refreshing

Kushal Tandon drinking from Dog Bowl

In season 7 Kushal Tandon was asked to drink water from the dog’s bowl. He completed the task successfully but it made his then girlfriend Gauahar Khan very angry.

What is this behaviour Pooja? 

A video went viral in which Pooja Mishra after cleaning the house banged the wiper and broke it. After that Shonali Nagrani asked her “Pooja what is this behaviour”? 

Om Swami threw his p*e on other contestants

During season 10 Om Swami threw his p*e at other contestants including Bani J after which the Bigg Boss asked him to leave the house immediately. 

Priyanka Jagga p*ed her pants

There was a task that involved drinking a lot of water after which Priyanka Jagga pe*d her pants. This bizarre incident went viral. 

Imam Siddiqui became a snake 

Imam Siddiqui was popular for having unnecessary fights with the contestants and Slaman Khan. In one of the episodes, Imam became a snake and tried to scare others. 

Ratan Rajput took a cow dung bath

Ratan Rajput in season 7 took a cow dung bath during one of the tasks. She sang bollywood songs throughout the task to keep herself distracted. 

Chilli rubbed on Gautam Gulati’s bare chest

In Bigg Boss 8, during one of the tasks, Karishma Tanna rubbed chili powder on Gautam Gulati’s body. The task was to torture the housemates to make them get rid of the chair.

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