7 Reasons Why Punjabi Music Is Dominating Bollywood

Bollywood has always been the center of entertainment, and music is an essential part of it. However, Bollywood’s predominant music has significantly transformed in recent years with the emergence of Punjabi music.

Either singles or Hindi-dubbed Punjabi songs have been quite popular in Bollywood movies. Without a doubt, Punjabi music has given the industry a new flavor and broken the monotony of Hindi songs. Still, the question arises what makes Punjabi music so popular?

7 Reasons Why Bollywood Is Dominated By Punjabi Music

1. Rocking Beats

Punjabi music has overtaken Bollywood and won the hearts of the audience with its groovy and catchy beats. The music’s rhythm and energy are enough to captivate the audience, even if they don’t speak Punjabi. Punjabi music is a popular choice for people all over the globe due to its rocky beats that are perfect for any event, be it a house party or a function. 

2. Depicting Trends

Apart from their distinctive singing style and catchy beats, Punjabi singers are also known for their ability to portray the most recent fashions, including high-end automobiles and luxury brands. As a result, Punjabi music videos have become a visual treat for its audience. 

3. Vibe

Punjabi music has become increasingly popular among the youth due to its unique blend of pop and culture. However, The genre is popular with people of all ages because it has songs for every mood, from upbeat dance tunes to heartfelt love songs. 

4. Storytelling

With the great storytelling scheme through music, Punjabi music has taken over Bollywood. Most Punjabi music videos have a storyline that makes them a popular choice for listeners who can relate to the messages conveyed by the songs. The audience can relate to struggles, love, and life lessons story through the song.

5. Punjabi Singers In Bollywood

Punjabi music has dominated Bollywood with many talented Punjabi singers. Without their Punjabi beats and lyrics, Bollywood films are now incomplete. Sukhwinder Singh, Daler Mehndi, and Mika Singh are just a few Bollywood singers who have significantly contributed to the music industry. B Praak, Diljit Dosanjh, and others are among the upcoming artists making a name for themselves in Bollywood. 

6. Social Media

Social media has increased Punjabi music’s popularity. Punjabi songs have become viral sensations thanks to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, making it easier for the public to discover new Punjabi music. In addition, this has increased the number of independently successful Punjabi musicians and singers. AP Dillion is one name that sets a perfect example of this.

7. NRI

Many NRIs have also contributed to spreading Punjabi music beyond the boundaries. Punjabis who have settled outside India brought their culture and music with them, spreading Punjabi music’s popularity beyond India. Also, most Punjabi artists are internationally based, introducing a wider section of society to the music.

Punjabi songs have become a must-groove for music fans worldwide thanks to their catchy beats, melodic lyrics, and energetic music. The dominance of Punjabi music in Bollywood is a reflection of the shifting preferences of Indian audiences. Further, Bollywood music is likely to incorporate more Punjabi elements as Punjabi music continues to gain popularity, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive Indian music scene.

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