7 Things About Parmish Verma That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

Parmish Verma is undeniably one of the leading artists in the Punjabi industry. No doubt, he is every girl’s favorite and why not? After all, he is what a perfect man can be called as, wanna know how? Have a look below:

1. His Love For Dogs

‘People who love dogs, are good people
When a dog loves a man, he is a good man’
When a man loves a dog, he is a good man’, 
has correctly been proven by Parmish. ‘An average dog is a nicer person than an average man’ is what he believes. Before his current pet, ‘Baaghi’, he used to have another dog, ‘Rickson’ too in his good old days. He was the most lovable member at that time by him but because of his unfortunate demise Parmish Verma decided not to have a pet but this changed when he gifted Baaghi on Sukhan’s birthday and now he looks after him like his own baby.


2. Love For Kids

Who does not like kids? But in Parmish’s case, he has a next-level love for them. Be it his own niece, Navnoor or his best friend’s daughter, Ambar, he is everybody’s favorite Mama and Chacha respectively. And this is the reason why he has mentioned ‘Chacha’ in boliyan in the song ‘Shadgi’.


3. Immense Love For Fans

Parmish leaves no stone unturned in impressing his fans. Either by mentioning them in his Instagram lives or replying to them in the comments section, he totally knows how to make his fans emotional and thankful at the same time. Seeing the immense love and support getting from his supporters, he even dedicated a song to them named ‘Fan waarde ne jaan’. “Jehra velhad si ohi sire laa geya ni, fan waarde ne jaan dhakk paa geya ni”.


4. A True Friens aka Yaaran Da Yaar

How can you be unlucky if you have Him as your friend. And not just a friend, he is an ideal, a role model, a brother, a mentor and what not for his friends cum family. Be it Laddi or Goldy & Satta and Dilpreet Dhillon, he can be seen in a chill zone when surrounded with them. Whoever and whenever anybody needs him, he is already there to help them out. Hope this friendship stays as it is.


5. A Brother

From torturing his younger sibling to taking care of him, he can play his characters accordingly. Is anyone out there who does not pull pranks on his siblings? No! So does Parmish, he makes every turn possible to tease his brother Sukhan but when it comes to caring, he acts like a father to him. This is what a younger one can expect from his elder brother.


6. A Real Struggler

His struggle stories are unlike everybody else’s. From just struggling to make his impact in the Punjabi industry to real-life struggle for earning a livelihood, he has come a long way. He believes in ‘You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks’,  theory and very likely it has been proven by him eons ago.

5 Fans To 6 Million Fam: The Success Story Of The Champion Of The Punjabi Industry, Parmish Verma


7. His Love For Cars

Like every other being his weakness is also cars. He has an expensive and luxurious car collection. BMW, G-Wagon, Fortuner and more & now a recent Rolls Royce Wraith. Parmish’s love for branded cars can be easily explored through his Instagram profile.

Parmish Verma Bought A Custom Made Luxury Wraith Car From Rolls Royce


What else can you expect from a man after his efforts in making space in the industry and struggling in his old days. This is the reason why he is giving these accessories to himself.

Team Kiddaan wishes Parmish Verma all the very best for his upcoming life events and a very Happy Birthday.  

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