7-year-old Arat Hosseini Surprised Netizens By Climbing On A Pole

A video of Liverpool Academy kid footballer, Arat Hosseini has been going viral again over the internet. It is a year-old video that was initially shared on Twitter by IAS Officer M.V Rao. Mr. Rao got so inspired by him that while sharing the video he captioned “this is my Guru”. Arat is getting a lot of appreciation and admiration from quite an early age, hence it is just another illustration of his precision of work.

This video is an assemblage of few clips in which he is trying to climb a pole and there is a pattern that highlights his determination. In the beginning, he was not able to even climb 2 steps, but later on, he managed to climb a certain distance and at last, he achieved his goal and reached the top. In addition to it he step down very steadily. Several people cherished his video before, as it is resurfacing many are liking it again.

Have a look at the video:

The original clip was posted on Arat’s Instagram page in 2018.


At such a small age he has become a silent motivator, who inspires people from his action rather than speech. His Instagram page has many similar clips which show his commitment to sports.

Take a moment and energize yourself:


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