8 Shocking Incidents Which Proves Sex Education Is Important In India

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Sex education can be defined as programs offering information on sexuality and contraception. It aims to develop awareness around sexual health. But the dominant issue in the debate has been, are the social mores and particularly the sexual mores either to be inculcated by schools or families?

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan in 2014 said that sex education should be banned in schools, while further adding that the students should be exposed to “Indian values”. Though Harsh Vardhan is a doctor and this statement from him was unexpected.

 It is not surprising then that majority of people in the country struggle with sex-related issues, and here are some examples to prove the same.

  1.  It is important to ensure children and young adults have a good understanding of sexual health, choice, consent, and safety. There are many cases of people not asking for consent or sometimes misinterpreting what has been communicated to each other. So, it’s time we push for a comprehensive sex education curriculum that goes beyond the birds and the bees. 
  1.  Also, people in our country are not very much aware of contraception and condoms. There’s one case that came out, when a man sealed his penis with glue as he doesn’t have condoms. 
  1.  Not only this, one case came when a man in Bhopal took too many sex stimulants pills as he didn’t know that how many he have to take at once. It results in failure of his respiratory organs.
  1.  One of the horrible incidents, where a man died as his wife tied his neck too tightly with rope to gain more sexual pleasure. This event took place in Nagpur where his neck was not tied but hands and legs were too. There is a lot to be informed during sex-ed, and one of the elements is this.
  1.  Moreover, there’s news that came out, where a woman masturbates with a stone pestle as she thought having sex with men is a sin. These kinds of taboos will engulf, if India will have proper sex education. 
  1.  People in India laughs at those who are interested to enhance some knowledge on sex with sex experts. While people ask some questions about physical intimacy on social media, some conventional audiences come with quirky and silly responses.
  1.  Musterbation

Men must know that regular masturbation doesn’t affect the penis. Also, this information must come from parents, teachers or guardians. 

  1.  No words

Like other things, some are not aware which pills to have and which not. And even they don’t know which pills are for women and which are for men. 

Hence, children and adult in India must normalize the communication of sex, as it will not only helps to direct towards right knowledge but also helps to reduce heinous rape in the country.

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