9 Memorable Roles of Women in Modern Punjabi Cinema

Punjabi Cinema has grown and slowly becoming a powerful cinema too. Here we have been provided with films with quality content keeping the entertainment factor as a priority. But today, we are listing some really memorable roles played by women in Modern Punjabi Cinema. ..

Kulraj Randhawa in Needhi Singh

When it comes to the strong characters played by women in the industry, here we have Kulraj Randhawa leading the list with her film, Needhi Singh.  The actress has done complete justice to the story of the film, without any lead male character. This character in the film is not an ordinary one, but we must say, it represents a message for all the women out there, that nothing in this world is important enough, that it costs your freedom. The amazing story of the film revolves around an easy but strong girl, Needhi Singh, and how she becomes a rebel.

Nirmal Rishi in Nikka Zaildar

Talking about the film, Nikka Zaildar, it was a package of complete entertainment, just because of Daadiji, played by Nirmal Rishi. Her splendid performance in the film has definitely contributed the most in its grand success. Her acting skills and perfect comic timing in the film leaves no doubt, why she is here in our list.

Sargun Mehta in Angrej

Moving forward in the list we have, Sargun Mehta from Angrej. Keeping her excellent acting, expressions, dialogue delivery aside, we will talk about this film, because of her notable debut in Punjabi Film Industry. Being an outsider, her work in film is way better than perfect. Other than this, you will definitely love the sweet and tangy character played by Sargun in this film.

Sargun Mehta in Surkhi Bindi

Sargun Mehta is again in the list with her beautiful performance in Surkhi Bindi. Her character in this film is an excellent example for all the ladies out there, who left their dreams due to several reasons. Sargun played Rano in this film, who dreamed of migrating to Canada, works hard to live it with confidence, without having any idea what destiny has planned for her. With her character portrayed so beautifully, this film becomes a must watch too.

Sonam Bajwa in Ardab Mutiyaran

When we talk about women & their characters in Punjabi Industry, Sonam Bajwa can never be ignored.  She has been an epitome of women empowerment for many girls, and especially through her film, Ardab Mutiyaran. In the film, she has played a character of a bold & independent woman, who is later married to a man and struggles to live on her own terms.  She represents all the women who fight for their identity, freedom and regulation.

Kirron Kher in Punjab 1984

Not only this film, Punjab 1984, but every character and roleplay in this film is an example of what we call perfect. But Kirron Kher, proving her great acting skills in the film, has won over the hearts of the audience beautifully. Her performance in the film, connects to people in such a way, that everybody gets emotional.

Adding to it, Kirron Kher has personally never watched the complete film, because she says, she can not bear the pain of the character. This proves how powerful she has been in the film.

Rupinder Rupi in Asees

Rupinder Kaur in the film, Asees has lived the character more than just playing. In the film, she is portrayed as a mother of 5 children, who struggle with the pain of disputes for property amongst her own children. Her character is a part of a fiction story for sure, but her natural acting and emotions us helpless in controlling our tears.

Anita Devgan in Rabb Da Radio

No doubt, Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, and Mandy Takhar were in leads and major characters. But we can not deny the fact that Anita Devgan has been the bridge, and her character was the only connection with every aspect of the film story. Her roleplay in every film is excellent, but n this film, her acting skills were on the peak. We can not completely call her character a dark one, but it was definitely a strong one in the complete story.

Neeru Bajwa in Channo Kamli Yaar Di

Last, but not the least, Neeru Bajwa in the film, Channo Kamli Yaar Di, can not be ignored, when the discussion is about the memorable roles in Modern Punjabi Cinema. The story and her character was not an easy job because, he played a woman who goes to Canada, just to find her husband. Neeru in this film represents the power and strong side of every lady, no matter f she is working, or a normal housewife.

With this, we conclude these iconic and really strong roles and characters played by the women in our Punjabi Cinema. Our expectations from the cinema are higher, and we are looking forward to much more confident, strong, and memorable role plays just like these.

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