9 Viral Videos Of 2021 That Become The Topic Of Discussion In Punjab

As we step into a new year, it’s now time to take a look at the year gone by. Although for half of the time we were inside our homes this year, the internet saw some crazy trends, fun challenges and bizarre videos dominate social media in Punjab.

Many common people became sensations overnight, thanks to their talent, some luck and the collective force of the Internet. Some even became famous memes of 2021. To refresh your memory, here is the list of some of the top viral videos that became the topic of conversation across social media platforms in Punjab.

Boys Teasing Girls On Road

An animal social activist Sahi Daljeet shared a video in which some anonymous boys from Chandigarh were seen roaming in a car, and teasing girls on the road. Not only this, the video shows the boys showing their middle fingers to a group of girls out of the car’s window. The video ruled all over the internet and in a very less time it got viral. And due to the power of social media, it reached social worker Amritpal Singh Mehron. And then he urged the boys to apologize for misbehaving with the girls:

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Girl Asking For Lift From Two Travelers

Another viral video shows an anonymous girl asking for a lift from two travelers driving in a car in Delhi. The driver made the mistake of stopping in front of the girl. The anonymous girl immediately starts requesting the driver to drop her to ‘Sector 11’. She tries to convince the travelers that she has no other option but to go with them. She traps the travelers and attempts to rob.


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Dilpreet Dhillon Remarks On Mirasi Community

Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon went for a live show where he was caught making some unacceptable comments unknowingly. A clip from his show went viral in which he was seen making unwanted remarks on the Mirasi Community. This casteist remark by the artist has made people disappointed and irked. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWC9C5HAbQ2/?utm_medium=copy_link

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Amritpal Singh Mehron Beats Producer Dxx

A video of Producer Dxx went viral in which we can see the Youtuber being beaten publicly by a group of Nihang Singhs. Amritpal Singh Mehron, a social worker and a member of the famous ‘Kaum De Rakhe’, has taken responsibility for the beating. It is said that his content is described as ‘vulgar’ and ‘misleading’ for the youth of Punjab. 

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Old-Aged Man Beaten By Four People

A video of the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, went viral on social media in which an old-aged man was seen being beaten by a group of four people. The attack was so barbaric that the mob even removed the victim’s turban. But social worker Amritpal Singh Mehron provided justice to the victim as the people who beat the old man were seen apologizing to the victim. They were constantly touching his legs and feet to apologize for what they had done.

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Aamina: A Roti-Making Girl

A hazel eyed village girl living on the outskirts of Karachi in Pakistan has gone viral for her innocent smile and beauty. An innocent girl identified as Aamina Reyaz is 15-year-old and lives in the Sindh province of Pakistan and comes from a family of nomads. Aamina had captured the attention of netizens with her infectious smile and roti-making skills.

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Amritpal Singh Vandalized Heritage Street Statue

‘Kaum De Rakhe’ Amritpal Singh vandalized the statue at the Heritage Street outside Golden Temple. He claims that he did not have any regrets about damaging the pedestal. He stated that the bhangra and giddha statues were a contravention of the Sikh maryada due to their proximity to the Golden Temple.

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Indian Calls Jija Ji To Shoiab Malik

When India and Pakistan locked horns with each other at the cricket field, a very amazing day, an interesting thing happened. Groups of Indian fans chanted Jija ji (brother-in-law) to Shoaib Malik while he was fielding. The small clip has been flooding all over the internet, moreover, India’s tennis superstar and wife of Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza reacted to the video and left in splits after watching it.

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Ravan Performing Bhangra On Punjabi Song

An old video of Ravan performing bhangra on a Punjabi song. A video shows the characters of Ramleela, dressed in their costumes, performing bhangra to the Punjabi song ‘Mitran da naa chalda’. It was the most viral video during the time of Dussehra. The video will definitely make you day.

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Hope you enjoyed watching these videos and we believe some of these have definitely brought a smile on your face too. These are the most watched and talked about videos that went crazy viral on social media in 2021.

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