91-year Old Freedom Fighter Lilabai Chitale Wants Kangana Ranaut To Be Punished For Her ‘Bheekh’ Remark

“1947 freedom was Bheekh and we got real freedom in 2014”. The remark made by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has taken over the whole country like a storm. The awarding of the fourth highest civilian honour, Padma Shri, to the speaker of the words shortly after, has led to more nationwide protests against the remark as well as the actress.

Now, a 91-year old freedom fighter, Lilabai Chitale has urged the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to take strict legal actions against the actress for making such disrespectful statements for the freedom struggles of the fighters over the course of hundreds of years. The freedom fighter strongly termed Kangana’s remarks as an act of treason.

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Lilabai Chitale said that at the age of 12, she went to jail for a day because Mahatma Gandhi had asked them to boycott English education. She added that a few days ago she heard the news of a woman named Kangana Ranaut calling India’s 1947 freedom as ‘Bheekh’ and when she came to know that the same woman has also been awarded with a Presidential medal, it made her feel very uneasy and extremely angry. 

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The freedom fighter stated that for people like them, who have seen people sacrificing their lives for the nation, it is really painful to hear that all of that was for alms (bheekh). Lilabai added that she is not asking the government to imprison the actress for her remarks but actions should be taken against her to make her realise the value of India’s freedom and the damage that her remarks has done. 

Kangana remarks have upset many all around the country. People have been demanding the government to take back Kangana’s Padma Shri. Many have even called awarding her completely wrong in the first instance. People have been questioning the government on what grounds has Kangana been awarded with such a prestigious Indian honour.

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