A Couple Misbehaves With Traffic Police, Ends Up Tears In Police Station

A Couple Misbehaves With Traffic Police, Ends Up Tears In Police Station

A few months ago a video has been flooding all over the internet where a man is misbehaving with the cop as the police told them to wear masks. But the couple in the car turned out to him and started fighting and molesting the cop.

The same incident has taken place again but this time the results are different. It all came to light when Thane Traffic Police came to tow the man’s red car as it was illegally parked which came across to be a market area. Heated over the same, the man terrorized the cop with the choice of words and a woman supporting him also added fuel to the fire.

The conversation takes place like “How can you tow the car? Is this your father’s money?” the man said. The woman, after this, added: “I will sell you to get the car repaired.”

The man went on to say that he would hit him right there. “I will hit you right here. Take off your uniform. Take it off for five minutes. This is your uniform’s power. I will pull it in half,” he said.

Surprisingly the scene, though, completely turned around soon after. The man, who was being a tease on the road, was seen crying and asking forgiveness from the cops at the police station in another video.


“I won’t do this with anyone, I made a mistake. I am sorry,” the man said at the police station.

As per reports, the man and the woman have been booked for misbehaving with the on-duty traffic police personnel.

The phrase, ‘What goes around comes around’, suits this incident.

Unnecessary to say, but it is now talk of the internet. See how people are reacting towards the video.

It seems that nowadays, being dutiful is wrong these days.

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