A Man From Assam Transformed An Old Maruti Swift Into A Lamborghini

We all wish to buy our dream cars, but unfortunately not everything from our dream world is affordable. But while on one side are people who give up on their dreams, on the other hand are those who work smarter and achieve whatever they want.

And this story is also about a man from category B. We are talking about Nurul Haque Karimganj, a 30-year-old man from Assam. You won’t believe but he has transformed an old Maruti Swift into a personalized Lamborghini.

He has also shared the pictures of the car on his Instagram account too.


He always wanted to own a Lamborghini but couldn’t afford it. So he invested almost 6 lakh rupees and worked hard to  transform the Swift into a Sports car. 

Haque Karimganj is a motor mechanic and owns a garage ‘N Maruti Car Care’. But COVID-19 and lockdown affected his source of income. Since he had no work to do, he finally decided to work on his dream project.


He also revealed that he learnt making the parts of Lamborghini by watching videos on YouTube. 

While talking about this creation, he said, “It was my dream to make and drive such a luxury car. I love Lamborghini cars and finally, I have modified an old Maruti Swift car into my dream car.

First, I started building parts of a Lamborghini model by watching YouTube videos. I know the price of a Lamborghini car. But it was my dream to drive that type of car and I finally made it.”


He is further planning to create a Ferrari soon. This story of Haque has inspired us and proved that nothing is impossible.

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