A Man’s Plan To Rob The Bank Failed Miserably As The Staff Couldn’t Understand His Handwriting

A Man's Plan To Rob The Bank Failed Miserably As The Staff Couldn't Understand His Handwriting

We all must remember every time when our parents, teachers or even a random uncle commented on your handwriting and suggested it to make it look better and pleasant. But little did we know that ignoring them can lead to miserable failures in the coming future. 

We are talking about this, because this is exactly what has happened with a man from England. Though his plan for robbing a bank wasn’t a great idea and we don’t appreciate that either, we couldn’t control our laughter when we got to know that he couldn’t rob the bank only because of his bad handwriting. Yes this is hard to believe but is a true story.

Alan Slattery from St Leonards in Hastings entered a bank with plans to rob it. But when he handed the handwritten note to an employee, he couldn’t understand his handwriting. And this led the man to go back. By the way, the note said,

Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers

We are sure this news story is enough to make anyone burst into laughter. Though we feel pity for the robber, we are also happy that his evil plan didn’t succeed.

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