A Massive Crash On Texas Highway Leaves 6 Dead

The state of Texas witnessed a massive road crash involving more than 130 vehicles, which left 6 people dead and many other injured. The fatal event took place at Interstate 35 near Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday , 1 February, 2021. Parts of the US had received a winter storm that dropped large amounts of rain, sleet and snow. The news was confirmed by Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura through a press conference. 

Emergency responders immediately took it to cleaning the multi-car line up on the highway.  The 130 long vehicle lineup stretched for about a mile. “It’s still a very active scene” police officer Segura told the public, “Members of the fire department, MedStar and our traffic investigation unit detectives are working, step-by-step, the whole scene, in order to No. 1, make sure everyone who (is) on scene gets to a safe point or a safe place.” At Least 6 people died in the massive accident and 36 were transported to hospitals and about 65 sought medical attention for wounds received due to the crash.

The police said through a tweet that it would take several hours to clear up the mile long lines of vehicles. The spokesperson of the fire department of the region, Mike Drivdahl, said, “This was not a fender-bender, this is a major catastrophe”. The officials also warned the people taking the highway to travel to be careful on their way and look out for the piled up vehicles.  “We can’t stress enough that road conditions could go from good to dangerous within blocks,” an official with NWS said Thursday morning in a Twitter post. “Take it slow out there.”

Article By: Gautam

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