A Peek Into Nisha Bano’s Unique And Bold Character In Surkhi Bindi

Nisha Bano has given some of the most unique performances in the Punjabi film industry. Her roles play a significant part in every movie she features but one performance, Surkhi Bindi, stands out of them all. 

The movie was in itself a beautiful message but Nisha Bano’s character, Deepi, stood as a symbol of strength, sacrifice and tolerance. 

Nisha Bano has always been seen playing fun and exciting characters but the directors asked her to do this bold woman’s character and if she nails it, the performance will be unmatched. 

For the character, she did not have to do any makeup. Only for the part where she had to play as a victim of domestic violence, she had to get into the physical appearance of the victim, so makeup was necessary. 

Another unique fact about the character was that, Nisha was specially asked to keep control over the movements of her eyebrows, as she has a natural instinct to move them while acting.

All these things brought us one of the best characters ever played by Nisha. The character was special in every sense. God knows how many women, victims of domestic violence, were empowered through the character and it changed their life. This is the actual beauty of cinema, a character or a story so strong that it affects people’s real lives. 

We wish the talented Nisha Bano a very Happy Birthday!

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