A Sikh Student With His Two Friends Created An App To Help Students Excel In Maths

Has Mathematics been the most horrific dream of your school days? Did you hate/hated maths the most? 

If the answer to these questions is a clear Yes, then you aren’t any different from us. 

But it looks like something different and very unexpected is coming our way soon which will help students not only learn maths but also enjoy it. Sounds fake? No it’s not. 

Recently a group of three friends; Gursharan Singh, Tom Faulkner and Edwards Farnell have become young entrepreneurs and set up a company to market a maths Application that claims to bring GCSE topics to life by using 3D images.

Numero AR Ltd will let students enjoy learning and solving maths in 3D, fun and creative way which will provide a great gaming-like experience. 

Talking about this creative idea at such young age,  Gursharan Singh, 20 said,

“I’ve always enjoyed maths. But for other people, they will hopefully enjoy it a lot more by using this app. Every question has a 3D visual to go with it.”

Tom Faulkner, 20 says,

“We’ve spent the last three years developing it. It’s been completely redesigned from the original. It’s taken a lot of work.”

Edwards Farnell, 20 says,

“It’s been quite challenging. We’ve done lots of work for Numero, which has been fun and interesting. But then you’ve got to watch a lecture for university.”

The app will be available for free download from Google Play Store and App Store and will have different levels of questions based on GCSE grades 1-6. The students would be able to take help from the app and understand maths better.

Talking about the future plans, the group of three friends revealed they may add more subjects to their project soon. As Gursharan said,

“Eventually, we could expand into other subjects. The AR can be applied to all STEM subjects.”

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