A Son Sang For His Dying Mother On A Video Call, The Doctor Incharge Tweets

IMG Source: IndianExpress

During this Covid pandemic, Doctors have seen many of the families go through separation and none of them would have been easy. Sharing a very moving story, a dying patient’s doctor uses his Twitter thread to describe an emotional story. 

Dr Dipshikha Ghosh wrote on her Twitter posts that she had a video called the relatives of a patient (Sanghamitra Chatterjee) who was not going to make it, towards the end of her shift (They usually do that in the hospital if that is something the patients want). 

The patient’s son (Soham Chatterjee) asked for a few minutes for his mother and sang a song for her. He sang ‘ tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi’. And all the staff members including the doctor and nurses stood there watching the son sing for his dying mother. 

The son broke down in the middle of his singing but still managed to complete the verse. Meanwhile the doctor and the nurses stood there with their eyes moist then went back to their allocated patients once the song was finished. 

The son then asked about the vitals and thanked the doctor for his time. But this very moment changed the meaning of this song and the doctor wrote “This song is changed for us, for me at least. This song will always be theirs”. 


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