A Time When Diljit Dosanjh Could Not Afford His School Fee Of Class 12th

Diljit Dosanjh is today one of the biggest Bollywood stars. It is said that he is one of the few who do not go to movies, movies come to him. Bollywood’s Sardar Ji wears clothes that a common man can only dream of. 

But this man has worked day and night to reach this position where he doesn’t have to think twice before buying a 1 lakh INR outfit. There was a time when he couldn’t even afford his schooling fee.

Diljit Dosanjh had to pay his school fee to enroll in the 12th class. The fee was only about ₹1700-1800. But Diljit’s family financial conditions did not allow him to pay the fee and continue his schooling. So, he had to give up schooling.

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Today, the same boy is one of the most loved stars in the country. Rise to success is never easy but only those few reach these milestones who have the guts to face life and still stand high and Diljit is surely one such beast. 

During those times, the little boy had to give up schooling because he couldn’t pay ₹1800 but today, the same boy wears shoes worth ₹18 lakh to the Karan Johar show. The greatest thing about time is, it changes. You stand strong and keep working hard, the time will be by your side.

We all admire these stars, their success stories and their lifestyle. Such stories are also a motivation for the people who are grinding day and night hoping to see results in their lives. Diljit couldn’t afford his schooling once, if today you too can’t, keep grinding, one day you will surely be there. 

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