A Turban Wearing Sikh Guy Inducted In New Zealand Army, Makes The Whole Sikh Community Proud

S Mansimrat Singh made the whole sikh community proud all over the world as he became the next Sikh to be inducted to the New Zealand Army. The 18-year old New Zealand born Mansimrat achieved his dream of joining the New Zealand army when he graduated at the New Zealand Army’s Recruit Regular Force 401 at Waiouru military camp.

The official facebook page of New Zealand Army posted a picture of the young sikh performing his graduation march past on 19th of June.


Sikhs always keep on making the whole community proud all over the world. Not only are they serving the motherland India by filling up the Defence forces posts in huge numbers, but now they’ve also started lending their services to other countries as well. 

The community is rightly known as the ‘Saviours’. The news of the induction of Mansimrat Singh in the New Zealand Army spread like fire all over the world and the whole sikh community felt proud watching one of their brave sons performing the graduation march past at the Waiouru Camp.

The first ever Sikh man to make it to the New Zealand Army was Signaller Louis Talbot, who was a baptised Sikh. Last year, in the month of July, Louis Singh Khalsa (Louis Talbot), became the first ever sikh to achieve this feat. 

The man’s story is an inspiration as he partook amrit at Takht Sri Kesgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab and then later went on to join the ranks in the New Zealand army. The 18-year old has added another name in the list of Sikhs in the New Zealand Army and Sikhs making the community proud.

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