Aamber Dhaliwal Got Scammed By Marcus Trader, Warned Public To Be Aware Of The Company

Aamber Dhaliwal Got Scammed By Marcus Trader, Warned Public To Be Aware Of The Company

Investing in cryptocurrency means taking on risks, but getting scammed shouldn’t be one of them. people are coming forward for the ongoing financial scam running on social media. A guy using the name Marcus seems to be from the UK and so far he has scammed 4 victims, including model Aamber Dhaliwal. 

Aamber has been supporting this guy initially because he said he would pay her for the advertisement. She got scammed herself & posted regarding him to let her followers know. He has been continuing with this by using Aamber’s video of her promoting him & communicating through Snapchat with her followers to allure the girls to send him money, as per the post of Human Activist Preet Kaur Parmar from The Kaur Movement. 

Not only this, but all these girls are students and have very limited resources already. Marcus offered to help the victims invest their money into cryptocurrency with the promise of profits and 100% money return if no profit occurred. This led to the victims sending him their hard-earned money but he never returned any of it, let alone earning any profits.

Aamber and The Kaur Movement are warning and awaking people regarding this fraud. As they are getting messages from people who are affected by this fraud. They asked everyone to research first, before investing financially. Also, they are advising that it is important to report the crimes to the appropriate agencies and law enforcement.


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