Aamber Dhaliwal Has A Befitting Reply For Trolls Slamming Her For Wearing A Bikini

Aamber Dhaliwal Has A Befitting Reply For Trolls Slamming Her For Wearing A Bikini

Punjabi model Aamber Dhaliwal is usually in highlights for her projects, pictures and bold statements on Instagram stories. If you follow her on Instagram then you must already know what’s going on right now. Recently Aamber went on a vacation to Mexico with her friends, where she enjoyed parties and had fun at the beach too. 


But the situation went wrong when haters started trolling her for wearing a bikini at the beach. She revealed that she has been receiving messages in which the trolls are questioning her choice for wearing a bikini and why not a Salwaar-Kameez. 


On this, Aamber decided to give a savage and befitting reply for all the trolls that must have shut their mouths completely. Aamber took it to her Instagram stories, where she shared a video in which she had a special message for the haters. Very politely, she said that “I feel sorry because I did not know that you guys wear Salwar-Kameez at the beach. I should have known about it, as I thought that people often wear swimwear at the beach to have fun in the water.”

Not only this, but she also said that she will take care of all this next time and will surely wear a Salwaar-Kameez and also wear a veil to cover her head and face. 

We are sure the haters have got their reply and they would think twice before putting their nose into somebody’s personal choices and matters. We are extremely proud of Aamber’s answer as it was necessary for the troll to learn how to respect someone’s choices and personal life. 

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