Aamber Dhaliwal Shares Hilarious Video Of ‘Brown Aunties Talking About Divorce’

Aamber Dhaliwal Shares Hilarious Video Of ‘Brown Aunties Talking About Divorce’

Aamber Dhaliwal shared a hilarious yet interesting video on her official Instagram account. Kiranpreet Kaur, a Punjabi Tik Tok content creator’s video wherein she plays a desi brown Aunty having stereotypical views about a divorced girl was shared by the model. Aamber Dhaliwal had divorced popular Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon a few months ago.

The funny video is a satire on society. Even in the 21st century, the decision of a woman to divorce her husband for herself is not well received by some people. The woman played by the creator is seen gossiping about a girl who wears ‘short clothes’ and has divorced her husband to live with her parents. 

It is so beautifully depicted how every hardship faced by the girl in the marriage is considered to be her fault and she is seen as a loser or somebody who couldn’t keep the family together if she divorces her husband. 


Even today, domestic violence is such a casual thing in common households and the majority of the victims are women. If a woman decides to give up on the marriage because her husband physically abuses her, the world still holds the woman responsible. She’s continuously told to ‘tolerate’ all the pain and not give up on the marriage. Even subjects like ‘cheating’ on your partner are justified by the society by saying that ‘Men are like that, it’s nothing strange’.

Aamber Dhaliwal shared the beautiful video on her IGTV. It might have felt relatable to her because she herself is a strong divorced woman. She divorced Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon, accusing him of domestic violence and cheating. She is the prime example that life does not end at a divorce, there’s much more to life than this. 

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