Aamir Khan Finally Opens Up About His Rumored Affair & Divorce With Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, who were together for 15 years, announced their divorce on July 3, 2021. But their divorce has stimulated rumors that due to Aamir’s alleged relationship, the duo separated. Their split welcomed a lot of controversies and allegations. While it has been almost eight months since their divorce, Aamir Khan recently opened up on his life after parting ways with Kiran Rao. The actor clarified that he and Kiran have not divorced because of his alleged relationship with someone else. 

In a conversation with News18, Aamir clarified that his divorce from his first wife Reena Dutta did not happen because of Kiran. The Dangal actor stated that there was no one in his life when he separated from Reena. He also added that although he knew Kiran, they became friends much later.

And when asked if his divorce with Kiran is due to him being in any new relationship, the actor outright refuted the claim, and said, “No. There was no one back then, there is no one now.”

Aamir further added that he and Kiran love each other. Not only this, they have a lot of respect for one another. But people don’t get this which he accepts. They are still a family, the thing is that their relationship of husband and wife experienced a certain change and they wanted to respect the institution of marriage. However, they are always going to be by each other’s side. They are working together and live close by, but they quit their marriage.

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Meanwhile, while announcing their divorce, the duo shared a statement that reads, “In these 15 beautiful years together we have shared a lifetime of experiences, joy, and laughter, and our relationship has only grown in trust, respect, and love.” They further said that now they would like to begin a new chapter in our lives – no longer as husband and wife, but as co-parents and family for each other.

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