AAP Suspends Party Workers For Protesting Outside Minister Baljit Kaur’s Residence In Malout

The Aam Aadmi Party won with a thumping majority of 92 of 117 assembly seats in Punjab, during the recent assembly polls. But days after that victory, a kind of dissatisfaction amongst the ground-level cadre has been coming to the fore.

As per the news, the Aam Aadmi Party has suspended its party workers for protesting outside the residence of Malout MLA and minister Baljit Kaur.

Recently, the AAP workers had staged a sit-in outside the house of Lambi MLA Gurmeet Singh Khudian for “interfering in the affairs of Kilianwali truck union”.

After Lambi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers had staged a ‘dharna’ in Malout against their own party legislator Baljit Kaur (MLA from Malout and social security minister in the state government), alleging that their own legislator has been ignoring them.

Apart from this, they also leveled allegations of taking the outsiders in the committees formed for addressing the grievances and resolving the issues of the people. 

During that sit-in, minister Baljit Kaur even met the protesters and asked them to end the protest but they didn’t agree. 

“Some workers are unnecessarily protesting. I have asked them to put up their grievances and action will be taken as per their wishes. I would look into complaints against my PA but they must come for talks, staging a sit-in is not right”, said minister Baljit Kaur after meeting the protesting party workers. 

Now the AAP has taken strict action and suspended the three party workers who staged the sit-in outside the house of minister Baljit Kaur.

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